Monday, May 14, 2012

The Fly

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  1. Fuck sakes..that’s a lot of unnecessary reading.

  2. Dawn of the Dan

    Wordy to the point of excess; Declined to peruse.

  3. I think Brian is my hero!

  4. This Charming Man

    7 people liked that. Have they read books before? They’re longer than that tripe (barely) but (far) more entertaining.

  5. Heh.,.

  6. Didn’t even read it… Far too many words!

  7. tldnr. I know 90% of facebook is wasting time but seriously?

  8. Wastey the Walrus

    i loved the “THE END” part.

  9. christopherlovet


  10. Floyd_the_Barber

    I hate long posts, they always suck me in with the thought that if someone went to that much effort, it must be entertaining. Half way through I realize I’ve been tricked into reading shit again, but then I figure I’ve read this much, might as well finish.

    I feel so easy.

  11. Wastey the Walrus

    ^^agreed. about you being easy, couldn’t care less about the post.

    Yeah he’s 12 years old and tommorow he’ll be a whore,
    nobody ever told him it’s the wrong way.
    Don’t be afraid for with quickness you get paid,
    for your family get laid, it’s the wrong way.

  12. I stopped reading after the first sentence. I’ve learned my lesson with the overly long posts. They’re never worth it. I’m so jaded.

  13. This story would be amusing if he told it in person, down the pub for example, and reenacted the whole thing. The amusing part would be at the end, watching him dragged away by the authorities for being a mental.

  14. Floyd_the_Barber

    Last I heard, Annie’s 12 years old, two more she’ll be a whore. No body ever told her it’s the wrong way. Don’t be afraid at the quickness you get laid, for your family get’s paid, it’s the wrong way.

  15. …It always comes back to me being a whore. Fuck my life.

  16. Floyd_the_Barber

    Oh Annie, you don’t have to put on the red light.

  17. Thanks, daddy! I’m still gonna wear that dress tonight, though.

  18. Drano would solve all of his problems.

  19. TL;DR.

  20. TOO LONG; DON’T GIVE A SHIT TO READ THIS BULLSHIT. summarize that. bitchhhhessss

  21. He killed a fly and had a shave with a bints cunt razor.

    Oh no it’s more than three lines long! Oh no I may not be immediately awarded for the very minimal effort I have to put into reading! Oh no I’m an entitled whining little prickster of the immediate gratification generation!

    Fuckpigs, they probably didn’t even read this!

  22. ^ heh heh.

  23. god, you people are so boring. i hate this new wave of lamebook bitches, especially you Wastey. no one is talking to you.

  24. I did read it… Slow day at work…

  25. Too bad this post totally reeked

  26. my golden rule is….USE FUCKING PARAGRAPHS.

    why is that so cuntingly hard for some mopes?

  27. Before I start … is it worth it?

  28. No. Not in the slightest.

  29. thanks for taking that one for the team, man.

  30. paragraphs? on FB? ok…
    agree though, it wasn’t worth it. also agree with lmamofo’s comment, and this has occured to me quite often. people come to websites, where they have to read, and then they complain if there’s too much to read. hmm…

  31. ^…too much shit to read…

  32. ^…and yet you keep coming back for more

  33. Fuck yeah, paragraphs on Facebook. Block text is sooo 2010. I’ve maimed people for lesser transgressions.

  34. bacchante, you’re so…violent..?
    i’m really impressed that you claim to have physically maimed people in retaliation for not writing the way you like. seems like a reasonable, measured response.
    alternatively, you may need to just chill the fuck out. christ, it’s like an echidna has crawled up your vag or something mate.

  35. ^ I’m not your mate, cunt. Mofo, can I borrow your bumming stick?

    I said lesser transgressions. Read teh wurds in front o yo face.

  36. in australia, we call our mates cunts and our cunts mates. didn’t you know? so what you’re trying to say is that you want my friendship but don’t understand that i’m just calling you a cunt.
    *rolls eyes*
    my “chill the fuck out” stance remains. it’s good advice. try it.

  37. I live in Australia, cunt, and I’d still call you cunt.
    Go stand over there with your stance.

  38. well that’s just un-australian!
    (things that aren’t from australia are bad, by the way)

  39. nope. it’s just that you’re a massive cunt.

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