Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Fresh President

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  1. STEVER!

  2. Damn it Stever, you beat me.

    Okay, so I’ve missed like, seven posts/comment pages. Did I miss anything? Did anything as dull and uninteresting as the yoink saga happen? Or is everything back to normal now?

    I hate Will Smith. If that’s true then… I probably wasn’t even going to see the film anyway.
    Better choice than Eddie Murphy, though.

  3. Stever, do you sleep here?

    Don’t ask me BritishHobo. Nowadays, when I see the word yoink, i just keep on rolling to about 10 comments down, and then a few more…

    Why not Morgan Freeman?
    He already played Mandela. A little more acting as a Nobel Peace, and he would get into heaven, doors slash open! And then, just in case, you know, to be sure, do a Kofi Annan improv. to S. Pedro.

  4. this place is so much better without all that yoink bull

  5. Erotic Confessions 13 is way better.

  6. @Xepher

    we all know that Alice in Wonderland XXX is the best

  7. Nothing really, BritishHobo. Second rate postings and commenters trying our darnedest to make it funny. LB is slacking.

    As for Yoink…who really knows anymore?

  8. why did no-one suggest ‘carrie’?

    ticks all the boxes.

  9. Paranoid Android

    These comments sections are forever tainted by the stench of yoink.

    I yearn for the days when we wrote of dubious sexual practices and illicit flirtation.


  10. -Inspect her Gadget
    -The Boner Ultimatum
    -How to Make a Guy Cum in Ten Minutes
    -One blew over the ho*kers chest
    -Shaving Private Ryan
    -Star trek the next penatration
    -Beauty into Beastiality
    -The Sperminator
    -Hannah Mounts Anna
    -Star Wh**es: Return Of The Gigolo
    -More C*nt For Old Men
    -Anal Giving Sunday
    -On Her Majesty’s Secret Cervix
    -Unlawful Entry (it’s a real title)
    -cool hand job luke
    -The ShawShaft Erection

  11. Sorry mates , I couldn’t help it…

  12. That can’t be real…surely it’s a bit early for an Obama film, starring the Fresh prince of otherwise, the guy’s only been in for two years or something…
    …on the strange film stuff theme my missus told me Jackie Chan is down to play Mr Miyagi in the new Karate Kid film…wtf is that all about? the dude’s Chinese…

  13. @ famaf The telegraph reference is from 2009, thus it’s even worst.

  14. @shipoopi: Alice in Wonderland XXX was one of the weirdest porns I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen some weird ass porn. Why’d you have to bring that up?? Oy…

  15. Desolation Row, I love you.

    Alice in Wonderland is the best porn ever.

  16. Best porn ever? No way. Good? Yes. Creative? Oh hell yes. Best, though? I’m gonna have to disagree.

    The Debbie Does Dallas remake (can’t remember the year) was a personal fave of mine.

  17. Visitor Q… It’s got porn, horror, incomprehensible WTF bits, fetishes, and over-the-top blood spatter…

    I’m not sure what the story’s about, it was subtitled but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the visuals…

  18. I registered a nick just to ask: What happened to yoink? Why did he become normal again? 🙁

  19. Yoink never existed; Yoink was a prank. So please, no more Yoink talk, because it was annoying for long enough.

    There was a long winded explanations few days back, the comment thread with over 200 comments. Go read that if you really want to know.

  20. yoink doesn’t exist anymore. he was vaporised. he got a speeding ticket, and went to that big police office in the sky. don’t go rolling back the boulder and checking his tomb please.

    the guy/girl posting under ‘yoink’ is not the real yoink, as yoink is dead, so i don’t know why he’s wasting his time chasing shadows. everyone ignores him/her anyway.

  21. back to porn!

    i always like french pornos. the girls are always maids who giggle a lot and dust things, and the men, if not young greasy car mechanics, are old, fat toad-of-toad-hall type characters who smoke cigars and wank a lot whilst watching their elaborate cctv systems.

    not sure why this appeals to me…

  22. @BobDylansWife1 : right back at ya 🙂

    and Visitor Q ? WTF? that was one of the most disgusting “movies” I had ever seen : necrophilia , incest , rape , bestiality , cannibalism … I’m not sure what it is about either but the director has some very serious issues.

  23. I think the tomb was reduced to rubble with a couple of well placed sticks of dynamite

    (the last thing we need is some dickhead moving that boulder and letting zombie yoink escape)

  24. I was having a terrible morning. Then I came on and perked right up with all this porn talk. Carry on.

  25. Automatic_Turban

    If Will Smith acts as President, I am sure he’ll make Uncle Phil some kind of Big Judge or something….

  26. I can think of better ways to perk you up, ee. 🙂

  27. Wow you guys know a lot about porn!

  28. I just bed you can Bulldog!

    I’m still looking for that one special porn, I’ve mentioned it before. One day, oh yes one day I will see this amazing flick.

  29. Whoa!

    That was a slip of the tongue!

  30. once again

    for the record, i am not the “original yoink” and nor was i this “fake yoink”
    someone, fuckmustard i think, said how to steal someone’s username, so i wanted to see if it worked. it did, but i never changed it back and hadn’t logged in for a few days. so now i am stuck with this name, thanks to some change at wordpress.

    anyway, off to create a new account, i guess.

  31. I dont think that was a slip of tongue ee… I have a feeling those were some hidden feelings bubbling to the surface.
    I know it can happen when you are home alone and vacuuming and suddenly you see your naked self in the mirror.

  32. BTW, I think this yoink father joke has gone too far for me as well.. Will be back with another ID.

  33. Ashu; Who Cares

    That wasnt Lame….
    that was sarcastic, lamebook has improved its lameness

  34. Ghost_of_George_Steinbrenner


  35. krasivaya_devushka

    Lol speaking of porn…
    I was just reading some news and I came across this article about a British lady named Nicola Paginton. She was watching porn and she died because of sexual excitement.

    Here’s a link: http://www.aolnews.com/article/coming-then-going-one-womans-death-by-pornography/19547942

    “Officials did not disclose the name of the porn movie on the woman’s laptop.”

    Bahaha. Alord, slow down with those pornos 😉

  36. @Desolation

    I prefer Shaving Ryan’s Privates, personally.

  37. Ah, that grammar’s all fucked up.

    I personally prefer Shaving Ryan’s Privates.

    That’s better.

  38. Here’s a horror movie: The Human Centipede http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wmTv2nqTHo

  39. That was quite a Freudian typo, ee.

    But I would like to slip you the tongue.

  40. at least bulldog isn’t an anonymous stocker. 🙂

  41. @alordslums

    +1 on Carrie (1976)

  42. I’m many things, but I’m not that.

  43. Carrie is the best, but from that very same year, it’s the wonderful film, Blood Sucking Freaks that gets my vote.

  44. Im partial to Butman and Throbin myself.

  45. Edward Penishands

  46. doublebarrelledsurname

    Indiana Jones & the temple of poon. Watch out for the big balls.

  47. haha obama sucks..

  48. i fail to see why they would make a movie about obama in the first place. it would be about meetings, speeches, black muslims. and if will smith were to play him im sure obama would end up being the last person alive on earth and fight off walking dead john mccain with his dog..

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