Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Good Ol’ Days

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  2. WTF is wrong with Possum Kingdom?

  3. I made Theresa’s pussy whistle.

  4. Theresa’s pussy must have gotten really bored…

  5. What the fuck is even going on?

  6. The 90s are fake.

  7. beat – possum kingdom is a great song, but listen to the words. it’s a little twisted.

  8. Possum Kingdom’s video shows a guy burying a girl’s body in the woods.

  9. Well where else are you supposed to bury them? Have you ever tried digging a hole in cement? It’s not easy.

  10. I can promise you you’ll stay as beautiful with dark hair and soft skin forever.
    Behind the boathouse, I’ll show you my dark secret. And I promise you, I will treat you well my sweet angel.
    Do you wanna die?

    I love that song.

  11. Can a desensitized’Merican please explain what the ‘whistle’ song is and why some douchebag would find it offensive/

  12. ^ It’s the “Whistle While you Work” song from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. It’s horrible and extremely offensive, especially when sung by strippers and prostitutes.

  13. …and belly-dancers.

  14. oops. same thing!

  15. @ 11, I think they are talking about a song by that lovely chap Flo-rida, the song is all about blowjobs.

  16. Ps, I’m not a “desensitized ‘Merican”, just for the record.

  17. Thanks sababe but I’m going to go with beatus’ answer. Seems more plausible.

  18. yes, sabababa, we know you’re not desensitized.

    you’re a sensitive & delicate little blossom.

  19. ^Oh wow, we are still doing that hey?

  20. ^ Could you imagine it ever ending?

  21. don’t be a hater, sabababeba.

    no one likes a hater.

  22. See, I hate that song, but not because I think it’s inappropriate. It’s just a stupid song and the whistling is annoying as hell. That song just sucks (pun very much intended).

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