Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Other Grape Stomp

The Other Grape Stomp

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  1. Oh.My.God.

  2. jesus christ

  3. LOL Gays

  4. He got his grape popped? My friend just got her pineapple popped the other day.

  5. So I guess the buring question is: finger or strap-on?

  6. I’m thinking that everyone in this whole conversation is joking. Not lame. And not funny for those not close to the situation.

  7. What? I’m pretty sure its neither. I’m pretty sure he is talking about good old fashioned penis/anus bumsex!

  8. got a feeling stephen really diggs this tune:

  9. @Tommy it’s waaaaay too early for that, bleh.

  10. it’s ok to be gay. :/

  11. There’s no way gay men use the term “grape popping” to mean having sex. If anyone has seen the color/shape/size of an anal pollup, you’ll know that NO ONE would reference anything around the anal region as “grape popping”.

    Who’s with me?!?!

  12. @Mcowles Stephen would like to be with you

  13. פורומים – Of course it’s ok to be gay, however it’s seriously lame to broadcast losing your virginity over facebook, whatever kind of virginity it may be!

  14. Why is Sandra posting if it’s Stephen’s virginity?

  15. Jamie, i think the answer to your question is because she’s LAME! and that’s how she made it to 😀

  16. @14
    LOL that’s exactly what I was wondering….WTF?

  17. @ 17
    i can only hope you’re kidding. if not, pretty sure you don’t deserve to exist.

  18. Thanks Fake AnonisGay, you always add something special to the conversation.

    And BTW–if it came down to a grudge match between you and Stephen, I’m sure you’d have your legs up in the air in two seconds flat. And he still wouldn’t have you.

  19. Three cheers for imposter AnonisGay, who does such a shit job at faking it, which is unfortunate considering his boyfriend fakes it every night.

    @Hannah, you need to learn how to identify a troll. You are new to the internet.


  21. stephen is the grape lady, but he makes wine with his bootyhole.


  23. I love you, DumbHannah. Be mine always.

  24. To me it sounds like he had some kind of silly accident (e.g. fell backwards), Sandra was making fun of him and Stephen got the jokes a bit further 😛

  25. You people over-think these posts way too much.

  26. Ok, seeing as noone has put this and half of you seem to think Stephen’s been bummed, grape popping is to do with piles. It’s where part of your intestine has burst through the muscle wall and hangs out of your arse, looking a bit like a grape. To fix? One rubber gloved finger to pop it back in
    A simple medical procedure

  27. There’s nothing wrong with a little case of haemorrhoids… Ewww, tho

  28. No one’s commented on the lamest part: he’s 24 and still a virgin. Damn son.

  29. I think you’ll find the virginity he was talking about was his grape virginity. Not his actual virginity

  30. @Neal: YES, Piles, that’s what I meant. I put anal pollups, but I meant Piles.

    Hopefully gay men don’t use that term to mean both.

  31. Lol, I’m sure they don’t they mcowles. I’ve never heard them use it before

  32. Ooooooooohhh now I get it! Hahaha, I obviously haven’t had enough experience with piles.

  33. Pray you never have to. I hear they’re very, very uncomfortable

  34. I popped someone’s eggplant last night. Then I popped the same person’s durian.

  35. according to urban dict, “grape popping” is one using one’s testicles as opposed to the penis.

  36. You know what they say about track lighting and guys named Stephen…

    Admins, fix the tab order of the ‘Leave a Reply’ form, tabbing out of the ‘Name*’ textbox puts you in the ‘state your status’ form; thanks.

  37. The order of these comments seems strangely out of time somehow… like Stephen telling Sandra he lost his virginity after she broadcasts it all over FB…

  38. Sandra broke the news
    of Stephens painful anus.
    He cries while shitting.

  39. Stven makes a bad smell when he poos! stinky stinky farty poo

  40. Stephen will shortly enter into the world of “Silent but Deadly’s” for life! Oh wouldn’t we all like to be able to fart and not make any noise……


  42. Love the Haiku and Antihaiku!!!!

  43. ‘I love you stevie, I hope you`re not pregnant’???
    These people cannot be real.

  44. ‘i got my grape popped?’


  45. I feel like ralphing right now…

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