Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Time for Typos!

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  1. I wonder what the dog thinks about while he’s baked on the couch.

  2. I once killed a woman baking. And several dogs barkng.

  3. Probably the same thing we do….why kibbles ‘n bits smell so god damn good but taste like shit….and people wonder why they always “beg” for food.. Have any of you ever even tried the bagged shit we feed them? Well have you?

  4. Oh fuck me…I just read the third one…and didn’t think anything of it until I realized melissa doesn’t mind being circumsised…I lol’d at this…fuck….what’s happening to me…

  5. Try Friskies cat food. I used to eat that stuff like crazy when I was a kid.

  6. I was feeding mine that fancy feast trash…kinda reminds me of chopped up vienna sausage…processed meat’s all the same, right?, but now she likes that cheap deli cat dry shit…last time I ate some I swear to god it tasted like wet paper and it gave me cotton mouth from hell…I don’t understand how thbitch eats it…

  7. You know how some people are really fucking annoying, and they try to give your pet a taste for something exotic, expensive and/or inconvenient to prepare? You know, like giving them smoked salmon or chicken livers or something? Yeah, I stab people like that.

    But kitty won’t eat anything that doesn’t smell like cat food, so fuck all those meddling bastards!

    It’s actually good news, because there’s minimal chance that she’ll eat my face if I die. Alone. At home. Om nom nom.

  8. Dafuq did I just read?…

    Bacchante, are you okay? Would you like to talk about it?

  9. Why am I not surprised all of you are freakin cat people

  10. You know, I used to bitch about the same thing….a friend of mine fries up liver and mixes it in with her dog food…the whole process smells fucking horrible….just feed the monster whatever’s in the can and get it over with…the dog/cat really doesn’t care, they’ll fucking eat shit if you put it in front of them….in fact…my dogs follow my cat around and eat her shit as soon as it hits the ground…fucking explain that…it’s like candy to them…or something…they can’t seem to get enough of it…

  11. Fuck you Sheba, you’re a cat!

  12. I’d kill myself nine times if I was, fuckin horrid creatures

  13. You are all tools. I hate each and every one of you.

  14. Being circumcised would count as a spacial ocean would it not? Maybe the baking dog could could cook up a Happy Losing your Foreskin Cupcake tray for the ocean.

  15. ^Trying too hard.

  16. In regards to comment #12, I invoke rule 34, and make it motherfucking kinky you mongrel…I’m waiting, bitch!

  17. You’re the one with the cat. Not much else to do but fuck em. Wouldn’t touch the bastards with a 10 inch pole. Or mine. But you go ahead

  18. No, NO, NO, there’s no taking it back you filthy where, I want to see you kill yourself nine times, by snoo snoo…you fucking figure out how, just make it happen. And don’t go claiming you have a ten inch pole or any’ting cuz my jewel encrusted shaft will outshine you anyday of the week!

  19. So you’re an Etsy be-dazzle expert as well as a fucking crazy cat fucker. Awesome.

  20. Nice touch on the “where,” Capn.

  21. Oh no, Sheba, pay some fucking attention around here, my wooden cock had emeralds and shit, stick around long enough and I might slap you with a couple of times. Auto-correct’s a bitch ain’t it beatus! 😀

  22. *has, ‘n *isn’t…man, I’m fucking this up proper…

  23. Handbanana!. now there was a dog that liked baking.

    and rape.

  24. mmm…rape…such fond memories….

  25. ^giving or receiving?

    Why did Jeanie capitalise ‘dog’?

  26. At least it’s not a ten percent discunt.
    Cats are only good for being shot and stuffed. Good for fuck all. Pussies on the otherhand… That’s am altogether different sort of beast.

  27. ^ Agreed. Fuck a cat (but apparently – and why doesn’t this surprise me – that’s already been done around here). *Winks at Cap’n*

  28. Cat was the best chicken I’ve ever eaten.

  29. tonight… YOU

    i thought post #2 and #3 were a single post, it was funnier for me that way. having melissa defending the effort to print out that crappy sign whilst further proving she is just astoundingly stupid.

  30. What the fuck did I do? Why you winking at me Nails? Just because I humored your little furry fetish and let you dress up as one that one time doesn’t mean you gotta go around telling everyone! And a little bit of both, Franky! Neither of us wanted it and were fighting each other the whole time, viciously trying to thrust our hips apart, trying to pull away to no avail., it was stuck in the ‘goo…and like the lowly sailors that lost their legs and arms in battle, I lost my penis to a siren, for once it wiggled its way between her smooth silky legs and into her moist vagina I knew the end was near, it was never coming out…Well…so much for that story…but that’s how I lost my first penis, anyway…

  31. Oh, my bad. I thought you actually WERE a crazy cat fucker, Cap’n. So you’re not crazy, right? 🙂

  32. I don’t know, depends on who you ask, really. Normal enough to get by in society, crazy enough to get pdq’d from all 4 major branches of the U.S. Military for arguing with the a Doc during a psych eval..Man, I pissed him off good too…His name was Dr. Cornfield, not even joking…was a civilian contractor…I actually think he had his license to practice revoked recently..

  33. oops, wrong Cornfield…this pricks got an office in Philly still…

  34. First name Dick (Richard)?
    So, Dick Cornfield?
    Some parents must really hate their kids.

    And I never said there was anything wrong with crazy. I mean, obviously… I DO visit this site every day.

  35. Yep, that’s him! He didn’t think it was that funny though. He was really quite the serious fella….I’m sure people make fun of him all the time…Wtf kind of surname is that to have?

  36. Breast milk.

  37. What the fuck does breast milk have to do with anything?…Please refrain from even bringing the subject up, Evilcow’s bound to come along and have a fit…just like every other time someone mentions any’ting ’bout titties and milk…we don’t need this to turn into another convo aboot breastfeeding, eh, Noob?

  38. My dog gets baked too then drinks a beer and passes out. Love party dogs

  39. Cats rule and dogs drool.

  40. ^what the fuck do guinea pigs do?

  41. ^same thing all the other guineas do, Ms.

  42. Eh….meant to say the same thing every other pig does….then I was gonna insert some other racist stereotype about the dago wop bastards…but I totally forgot where I was going with it…fuck it…

  43. do you do the drug – or does the drug do you?

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