Friday, April 30, 2010

Tiny TypOHs!

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  1. ben!

  2. Plus, Miranda is a jerk.

  3. Who's That Girl?

    I too am a bridge humping friend. Something about the curving structure just drives me wild…

  4. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    hmm… Tori’s an idiot and Miranda’s well.. Miranda…

    Haven’t met anyone nice named Miranda yet… is it typical?

  5. wooowww

  6. prolefeedprocessor

    In my house, our daddy would always lecture us from a young age of all the splintery horrors that would befall us if we hung out with those bridge-humpers from the “other” side of town.

  7. I’ve been known to hump a few pylons in my time.

    Oops, typo on my part, that should have said pythons.

  8. wow wordperfect, python humping?!? you go!

  9. Oh Tori it’s because your weren’t going to put out.

  10. That’s one f****** big snake word, how do you do it? Though I gotta admit, you just put the picture of a woman squatting on a pylon in my head.

  11. Ok, so Tori is kinda dumb, and those posts do get annoying, but really Miranda? That wasn’t warranted. It actually makes me feel sorry for poor dumb Tori

  12. Maybe Tori is single now because of her grammar … and Miranda was just trying to help.

  13. I’m smart and I don’t know what comman sense is.

    Is that a problem?

  14. Day before prom Tori? He found a hotter and smarter chick do do that puts out.

  15. CommentsAtLarge

    I misread it at first as bridge humping FIEND, which gave me this mental image of someone maniacally going at it with a bridge support.

    @ word
    Taking down snakes like that, we should call you the mongoose.

  16. You Got Doddified

    This kinda backs up the whole ‘people with bad grammar spell grammar with an e’ arguement in an earlier topic.

    Surely it’s comman sense?

  17. I think my parents forgot to warn me about the bridge humpers.

  18. But you know if Katie actually meant to say she was a bridge JUMPER, does that mean she’s into extreme sports, or does she have suicidal tendencies?

  19. I thought a bridge humper was someone who learns how to play bridge just so they can score with old ladies. That’s how I got the nickname, anyway.

  20. Comments, you can call me whatever you want, just call me.

  21. Yaaaaawn, Miranda, you’re a boring little shitbag. Nobody cares if she spelt some words wrong unless she was sitting there going ‘man im a fuking awsum spellere much betta dan miranda is’.

    On the same topic, Esh and Levi’s statuses aren’t lame. They JUST. MADE. SPELLING MISTAKES.

    Jesus I’m tired xD

  22. I always knew Sensible was into the oldies.

  23. Wow way to kick a girl when she’s down.

    Bridge humping made me lol

  24. CommentsAtLarge


    They must have trusted your judgement enough to stay away from them all on your own.

  25. Lamebook is overrun with grammar nazis.

    Just get it, making a you’re/your mistake is not that funny.

  26. CommentsAtLarge

    Sensible brings a whole new meaning to “Sweatin’ to the Oldies”

    And word, my little mongoose, you’re the first call I’ll make in all matters related to my snake.

  27. caffeinejunkie42

    OK, so what I don’t get about posts like Katie’s: you realized you spelled something wrong, why wouldn’t you just hit the “delete” button and re-type it? Why comment on your own status to point it out?

  28. i love malteaser too

    I know what a swimming pull is. Men and women go skinny dipping together. The women pull at the men’s crotches. It is just like camel pulling, only not with camels.

  29. thepreviouspost

    Esh is Frodo.

  30. you thought he was the one? You’re in fucking high school!

  31. Unless I’m mistaken, there are over 500 different documented paraphilias out there. Katie probably just made a Freudian slip.

  32. So Tori just got dumped by the chef from the Muppets? How awful must she be if even a puppet didn’t want to accompany her to prom?

  33. BNortyBNoggin

    Miriam: name definition: Hebrew: ‘One who loves’

    …….er……plainly not. Maybe consider changing definition to ‘One who is a shit’.

  34. She also spelt “you’re” wrong =P

  35. @Milo spelt isn’t a word.

  36. @fresh
    Spelt is a word, spelt is a species of wheat. But I understand what you’re getting at 😉

  37. spelt is the standard spelling in british english.

  38. @37. Just go ahead and call it american. it’s not English anymore; it’s been brutally sodomised by america. I realise that language evolves and that some difference adds colour but they can’t speak it and they can’t write it. I’ll speak Australian the Poms can have English and the u.s. can have american, at least until we all start speaking Mandarin. TTFN

  39. People like Miranda make my day. They don’t discriminate, they hate on everybody!

  40. lol

  41. Whats the renting thing about ? I don’t think thats remotely funny ! Its fucking boring.

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