Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Trivial Translations

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  1. vaginalroundhouse

    Here’s looking at you, first.

  2. Lol!

  3. You can’t call the guy a douche when “G” was just asking for it.

  4. Now that’s some funny shit Lamebook. Nigga got murked.

  5. What’s with the hash tags on facebook?

  6. “find less dramatics” is technically poor sentence construct – fail there to be honest. Should have just said far less drama. Fucking clown.

  7. I don’t know ladyrisk,must be that twitter thingy,but what the fuck is up with all those links from ofwgkta on every post? #kindofannoying

  8. wordpervert,”poor sentence construct” rly? it’z “poor sentence construction”. Git a brian u moran b4 u correkt sum1.

  9. Oh my, the irony in GrammerNutzi’s comment is just too much for my brain to handle…

  10. I agree mamasmith! Lol.

  11. Don’t you mean your “Brian”, Mamasmith?

  12. Fake word, your comment is laughable. You are regularly posting under my name, so if anyone is a fucking clown, bozo, it’s you.

    And you’re from the UK. I can tell.

  13. Mamasmith: U iz muzt b n3w on teh internetz,lurk moar n git a brian n common sence den cumback hir. Datz ol thx bai.

  14. “Bozo”, sigh. I really can’t be bothered to go into this with you again, how do you presume I am posting under “your” name? I have had this username for over 16 months. UK, technically Scotland sonny.

  15. Hunter, it’s “fewer” dramatics, not “less”.

  16. youcallhimdoctajones

    Actually, oilersfan, he is correct. You can’t quantify dramatics (one dramatic, two dramatics, etc.), so you use “less,” not “fewer.”

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