Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Twisted Mom

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  1. I guess daddy’s out of town for the weekend.

  2. I guess fake.

  3. What’s wrong with buying a vibrator?
    Some women are lonely.
    Or their partner cannot provide their rights.

  4. It’s just not the first thing you want to see middle aged women posting about on Facebook.

  5. ^ Depends on who you are. I’m pretty cool with seeing this stuff.

    What does oral sex amongst the elderly taste like? Depends.

  6. ^genius

  7. Yall are reading this post wrong. The kid was offering its mom some advice on whether to buy or not. The kid probably had a better product and offer elsewhere so was just advising against buying this particular product.

  8. ^Shut up, you’re too formal

  9. im convinced..its official.. either elsior is dead..or hes dead..1 or the other

  10. Maybe his stories were true and he’s too busy with his weird sex life to comment.

  11. #4 I pretty much want to see this posted by middle aged women all the time. Even better if there are pictures to go with it.

  12. Moms have vaginas, too.

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