Thursday, April 23, 2009

University of Lame




  1. 90% of the “lame” on this site is from Texas

  2. Somebody shoot them both

  3. Well, in their defense Ole Miss is full of douchebag frat daddies. He deserved to get beat, people don’t fuck around in tx

  4. Really?

    Proud to be a Texas Tech Alumni?

    …wow. lol

  5. @4 Proud to be alumni because most don’t make it that far. It’s a shame to see these two slipped through the stupid-strainer.

  6. since when is sticking up for your friends lame you fucking cowards. I feel sorry for you people, this is a normal conversation as far as im concerned

  7. hahaha looks like @6 isn’t too happy to see his dumb ass comment on Lamebook.

    …and let me take one guess…what is “SHIT-HOUSE RECORDS”?

  8. not even close cool guy, its not me. if someone threw a cigarette in my car and my friend handled it i wouldn’t expect to see it on lame book. i’m just a regular guy that lived in texas for a little bit and enjoyed it, specifically austin. go check it out there’s good people.

  9. As a Texas Tech alum, I wish Michael would shut the hell up and not type like a 5th grader.

  10. I go to Ole Miss, the university you are referring to, and just wanted to remind you of that ass whooping we handed TEXAS TECH!!!

  11. Bitches, it´s all about UT.

  12. UT in the house!

  13. i

  14. i\ fuck the texans in their big hairy wannabe cowboy assholes!! \i

  15. >i hahahahahaha <1

  16. >i fuck it <i

  17. i> meow meow meow meow i<

  18. i> fart i<

  19. @insane

    Even the scant few electrons consumed by those posts are a monumental waste in your hands.

  20. I like turtles.

  21. This whole thing is from texts from last night.

  22. Its the fucking Beatles

    People who just rip off other people’s material are truly lameworthy! 😀

  23. People who just rip off other people’s material are truly lameworthy!

  24. Oi, I’m larst.

  25. last-er.

  26. Woops, last.

  27. oh neato…

    super duper lastest!

  28. carlosspicyweiner


  29. most recent.

  30. Nuh uh.

  31. This is a test. You can ignore it. Just a test.whatever.

  32. And this is a test too. Bold? <!–&

  33. what

  34. I don’t get it.

  35. what

  36. Welcome to the last comment on the last page of the first post of lamebook. Here you will find various comments of those trying to be cool(I exclude myself from this list because i am naturally the king of cool so i don’t have to try) and posting the final comment ever on this site but failing because people always come here… it’s a never ending cycle of foolishness!

    now pull my finger.

  37. Hi

  38. Yeah, go ahead and give me the downvotes.

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