Monday, April 16, 2012

Up In Smoke

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  1. Stupid idiots.

  2. God made them be morons but then he saved them. He’s funny like that.

  3. I’d kind of like to see Myra poisoned. Carbon monoxide, cyanide, whatever.

  4. I would like to find these people on Facebook so I could mock them accordingly.

  5. God’s most amazing achievement is His ability to take the credit for last-minute (and occasional) saves of His own monumental fuckups.

    What a hero. Give thanks to the baby Jesus, everyone!

  6. Ahahahaha this is the best Lamebook post in a long time.

  7. God has a funny sense of humor

  8. Funny how god has taken all the credit for the good and none for the bad. Christians are so stupid.

  9. Labeling an entire group of people is so stupid. Having faith in a higher power isnt stupid. Its a personal choice and some people want to believe that there is a higher purpose and meaning to life, let them. I doubt you are a genius yourself.

  10. Wow… I hope they learn from this… to leave Grayson stay with his papaw more often.

  11. *let – sorri, no inglich.

  12. ditto maybecakes- that made me laugh for some reason, and my family is Christian.

  13. Sorry ruckingfetard, it is stupid to believe in a higher, magical power. It makes you look like a crazy, fucking retard. Christians are pretty fucking stupid..

  14. I labelled an entire group of people once, with one of those reduced item guns they have at the supermarket.

    It all turned out ok when a rich gym owner came along and bought the lot for £392.45. Then we all went home and had tea.

  15. Yawn. bradles…if you say “fuck” a few more times I’m sure you’ll get your point across.

  16. And decrodedturd comes out swinging at a ghost, and the fight is on!

  17. my imaginary friend is better than the christian’s imaginary friend. he lets me do whatever i like! the whole undead carpenter/zombie jesus story is pretty cool though!

  18. I’m not seeing where her gOd’s mercy is? surely it would have been better to let the fucking morons slip quietly into that eternal goodnight?
    7 billion humans, people 7 billion. I say we just go out and burn down all the hospitals right now.

  19. Amanda knows. What a dumbass.

  20. Friggin’ morons. It’s a good thing the kid was with his ‘papaw’. He could have been killed. The kid is better off with a tree.

    I want to know how they got to the hospital? Did they manage to drive to the hospital or did another camper stumble upon the scent of charcoal and their near-corpses?

  21. I wonder if Myra will still praise god when papaw falls asleep with his lit cigar.

  22. old testament god wouldn’t have let them live.

  23. …and rightfully so.

  24. I think Myra’s niece Amanda might be the same Amanda as from the first one because that might cause CO poisoning. Hah! Hah!

  25. ^ Did someone have to draw you a map?

  26. Holy, cow, Walter Sobchak! Almighty fail, as the Christians might say…

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