Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Well Done!

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  1. Only the Nicki Minaj was somewhat original.

  2. What’s a Nicki Minaj?

  3. Cliché Steve deserves to be raped. By guys. With a glass.

  4. It’s this joke again…

  5. Nicki Minaj is fake.

  6. Sometimes I wish I was so cool that I could pretend not to know JUST the right things because shit, I’m so cool I don’t know! “I’ll pretend that not only have I not heard of Nicki Minaj, because I’m so cool, but also that I’m too much of an idiot to just have google answer the question for me, because since I’m so cool, I need to let others know just how cool! Also, what’s this ‘mybook’ ‘facespace’ business?! WHAT’S A JUSTIN BIEBER?!”

  7. Sometimes I wish I was so cool that people would think I was iamaonion.

    Oh wait, no.

  8. fuck you onion, do you know how terribly fucking DIFFICULT it is to try and screen pop-‘culture’ bullshit from your life?
    I tried to not know what a minaj, a bieber, or even a fucking katy perry is.
    I also vigorously fought knowing what a fucking kardashian or a snooki is.
    The fact of the matter is, you just can’t win – unless you wanna hole up in the woods and go all ‘unabomber’.

    I wanna hole up in the woods and go all ‘unabomber’.

  9. Well, hey hey, since it’s obv. cool to announce the things we’ve tried so hard to ignore..I once tried to avoid finding out what exactly goatse and things like two girls one cup were, but, by fucking god, my curiosity forced me to click those motherfucking links. #ifeelsofuckingcoolnow!!!!!!!!

  10. ^baaaaaa.

  11. crustylovelips

    Did iamaonion (which incidentally – seeing as you’re fucking whining like a little bitch – should be spelt “IamaNonion”) just make a Myspace reference? dick. splash.

  12. third post funny

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