Friday, August 9, 2013

When being nice backfires

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  1. Then do you want to borrow my socks?

  2. Bitch, do you even lift?

  3. So people with no arms don’t get cold?

  4. And that is when you slap her and yell “I was trying to be nice. What you going to do now?!”

  5. Pro: He won’t be crowded during the flight.

    Con: He’s gonna have to feed her peanuts.

  6. ^or she’ll use her feet to eat them
    which way worse than no elbow space

  7. Not having to fight for the armrest seems like a win to me. That and she can’t slap him for the comment.

  8. There’s no such thing as armless old people. Crack a book moron.

  9. #5,
    Being fed peanuts by a stranger sounds pretty romantic, if you ask me…

  10. ^you’re pretty easy, hey?

  11. Why would offering her a sweater prompt her to say she has no arms?
    I for one think his question was (h)armless.

  12. Clearly his kindness is a little too disarming.

  13. I wonder how the hell she buttoned her shirt.

  14. How about fastening her seatbelt?

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