Thursday, May 10, 2012


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  1. mmmmm pimento spread.

  2. you know sometimes i think and then that thing happens when the other thing is here and so on but anyway i would like to say that this when it is there is here and now i will or wont do this then that.

  3. it really hurts when something is but not anything then here it isnt something but something else and when i think about who and the thing is not…

  4. first!

  5. ^ fail

  6. ^twat

  7. Everyone under me in this post is a granny shagger.

  8. ^ I fuck ur mum and granny at the same time

  9. WTF is Maria talking about?

  10. Lol I hate the word vagina!! Eww lol 😛

  11. That is not a hoya plant. Still Mark’s comment was good 🙂

  12. Hawkbit, she’s referring to a ‘driving under the influence’ checkstop that police officers place every weekend. but if its the rest you don’t understand. you’re an idiot.

  13. #10 How do you feel about cunt, or slippery slop hole?

  14. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    or meatpurse ?

  15. My bird died recently too… With me elbow deep in her, the dad shagging slag.

    Also, vagina is a lovely word, it’s Spunk Trench you wanna watch out for.

  16. Nothing wrong with good old fashioned fanny ….

  17. Fanny is okaaaaay but it’s no Cock Bin is it?

  18. I’m sure you’re not getting any, whatever you call it.

  19. You’d be surprised at how much Gash I get actually…

    Not as surprised as the owners of those Stench Caves were, but surprised nontheless.

  20. Finally… some good, quality comments! And some great new names for the Pink Turtleneck! I also like Lap Flounder. Cheers!

  21. crustylovelips

    Wassuuuuuuuup you bunch of lonely middle aged fuck ups. Been a while…so glad to see the quality of comments hasn’t peaked above mediocre. And before any of you fuckers start…FUCK YES (hey MsAnne, remember that time you were the first to use bold and italics on the internet?) I consider THIS post to be more worthy than any other.

    You’ll all be glad to hear that I became a poppa for the first time last Thursday. I’m going to introduce him to you bunch of cunts just as soon as he’s able. He dribbles much less than most of you and DEFINITELY gets more boob than ALL of you.

    But who are these new people? Ciremelf sounds like he’s getting fucked by a horse and sexcibunnei’s username followed by the year she last had sex is too desperate for words.

    Hope you’re still being a bitch MsAnne.

    Oh…Imamofo, those deliciously chewy nuggets around your sisters vagina – I left them there for you. I imagine some have completely dried up, but hopefully there are one or two that still have a liquidy, salty centre.

  22. crustylovelips

    That was fun.

  23. Congratulations on the new baby Daddy Dickwad! Have you measured his womb poker yet to see if he’s going to be a real man?

    Your fucking ‘I have returned’ essay up there is just a long winded way of admitting you’re a right old cum trough ain’t it?

    Don’t bother responding if you can’t think of an imaginative name for a Punch Hole.

  24. crustylovelips

    Hairy Axe Wound – Fuck you.

  25. crustylovelips

    I haven’t “returned”. It’s just an appearance.

  26. I said imaginative… You must try harder. Didn’t your mum teach you anything about Piss Flaps?

    Downstairs Pork Tunnel – Fuck you.

  27. crustylovelips

    Stench Trench. Fish Farm. Wizard’s Sleeve. Cock Canal. A Slut’s Sleeve. Or you can go around the back and take the Shitty Sheathe. The Grand Slime Time Slam that Mofo has never sampled.

  28. crustylovelips

    Come Mofo…get that grey matter working…really put some effort into your insults and get the mother fuckin jelly a’wobblin cos that last reply was fucking WEAK.

  29. That’s more like it, although I think Wizards Sleeve was what fucking Methuselah used to call it?

    It’s good to fatherhood hasn’t softened you, I’d hate to think you’d turned as soft as a Sweaty Squirt Garden.

  30. jebus fucking christ.
    here we seem to have crusty spreading its vile genetic material like it’s not a completely bastard unethical thing to do…and he’s not more than five minutes past a foetus hisself.

    Crusty. You are too young.

    The end.

  31. Crusty do you really miss your horse that much? ok fine… you can have it back. oh… i opened up it’s anus for you so you can finally fit your head in there like you always wanted.

  32. OMG!!!!!!’ if mymom ever saw the things you futz write I’m NEVeR GONNA B AlLOWED ON hERE AGAIN like ever!!! I’ll get my friend Alice to help me show me how to clear history or w/e cause I like to look at the funnie ppictures!!….

  33. Doing stuff is lame. It’s only cool to surf the internet and play online first person shoot ’em ups. Having a hobby is for like old people and stuff.

  34. I have a new name for you crusty: CrustPissFenders.
    Yeah, I like that one better… and it makes me like you better. Change it. Now.

  35. *CrustyPissFenders, dammit.

  36. OMG ewewwe their are sooooo many gross words out there!!!!!!!! Haha gross lol!!!! 😛

  37. This is one of my favorite comment strings yet. Thank you all you 30 something year old losers

  38. WTF is To The Flames saying?

  39. Okay, sort of side note: At many strip clubs, the girls have to smoke outside thanks to our new “smoking ban” designed to keep everyone healthy, so they can waste their money and drink watered down booze with women with questionable morals who could possibly carry a disease. (nothing against strippers, I’m talking about the REALLY seedy ones on the crap part of town.) ANYWAY, the girls have to go out back and smoke, often sitting on milk crates to do so, thus resulting in…

    “Waffle Twat.”

  40. I thought it was called a “ham wallet”.

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