Friday, October 5, 2012

Wins Before the Weekend

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  1. Lance never played Oregon Trail, did he?

  2. Neither have I, so I don’t know… 🙁

  3. Um. A water slide without water is just a slide…

  4. ^ But chances are, it’s not very steep, so you won’t go anywhere. But if you DO go actually slide, try not to touch any metal for a while or you’ll kill yourself.

  5. You go down water slides with very little clothing on (yeah, sexy) and down normal slides when you’re a child. So is foreplay not necessary when having sex with children?

  6. ^I have a great idea, why don’t you not try it, and never tell us about how it didn’t go?

  7. I always chose The Amazon Trail when given the choice. In grade 4 it was kind of a treat for us when we did good on a test, or got so many points on the good behaviour board or w/e the fuck it was called…I imagine with the graphics and overall game-play, it would probably be akin to mental torture (as far as computer games go, not meaning to compare it, to say, pliering (yeah, I said pliering, and yes this is parenthesis inside of parentheses, and no, pliering ‘probably’ isn’t a real word) your fingernails off with a pair of pliers and whatnot) trying to play it. Fuck, that was a confusing clusterfuck of words, and a waste of time typing it all out, and reading it back to make sure it made little to no sense at all

  8. Somebody’s mad Romney won the debate.

  9. Maybe people don’t like dirty filthy cheaters, Evilcow. He snuck notes in.
    That braindead lump couldn’t come up with his own “zingers” if his life depended on it.

  10. ‘Who let the dogs out?’ wasn’t him? oh, man…
    but his timing was impeccable! so, bonus points there, I reckon.

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