Friday, July 9, 2010

Wins for the Weekend

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  1. never mind.

    i think we’ve drifted apart.

    ‘the falcon cannot hear the falconer.’

  2. CommentsAtLarge


    Not sure if you’ll end up seeing this since I missed the real-time exchange but glad you’re back!

  3. glitterandtrauma

    @alordslums also to answer your previous question the ‘will you marry me?’ I would say yes but you’re supposed to be getting it on with kras- Keep following that yellow brick road!!

  4. @krasivaya_devushka isnt the weird shit that goes on what gets you hooked on this site? I stumbled across this place about 2 weeks ago, and haven’t been able to leave..haha

    @GandT.. oh, i thought @alords mentioned you had one #191 (do you ever feel tempted to try to get a few pranks past the copy editors and liven up your day?)

    @alords… the trick is to talk to the models just long enough to steal their coke (toilet’s the right place for it) then youre free to enjoy the rest of the night – somewhere else…

  5. glitterandtrauma

    @alordslums I’m just confused by the ‘sketch’ part, is it a club? the rest I can picture.

  6. glitterandtrauma

    @djenna I think he was referring to the ‘yoink is dead’ comment. Djenna girl I really should try but i’m the newbie thats scared of losing my job although I know someone who once wrote an article for the paper and replaced the articles subjects surname, hunt, with ‘chunt.’ I also last week wrote an article in the style of he who should now no longer be named, although that didn’t get past editing, it got returned to me with a note saying ‘I don’t know what has fried your brain this weekend but I can’t edit this, sort it out, if you’re not well you can go home.’ It took me a while to rectify it.

  7. @GandT… i think its time to slip a Mike Oxhard or Pat McRotch into your next story – it’s practically a journo rite of passage 🙂

  8. glitterandtrauma

    haha yeah that is very tempting, or a Ben Dover, Mike Hunt and Phil Yewup.

  9. krasivaya_devushka

    @203, Yes, it is haha 🙂

    lol@ Mike Oxhard and Pat McRotch… first time I heard of those 😀

  10. even the bbc eds do it sometimes.

    i read this a couple of weeks ago:

    ‘the boy, 13, whose headmaster described as ‘full of life’, was pronounced dead at the scene.’

    when i was a young boy at school, i used to have an ongoing joke at the expense of my history teacher whose name was peter dowsett – i would really transparently attribute specious quotes to spurious characters that were merely thinly veiled transliterations of his name. for example, if it was an essay on tsarist russia, i’d quote ‘esteemed essayist count piotr dozetsky; if i was writing on the spanish inquisition it would be ‘landowner and scholar, don pedro dowsenio; if on the french enlightenment, ‘recondite and little-known neo-platonic mystic ‘pierre de la douce’ etc…

    i think it amused him as much as it did me.

  11. glitterandtrauma

    Haha alord that really is amazing, I must start being a bit more naughty with it my probation was up months ago so I really should let loose plus the bastards don’t give me any articles that people actually bother to read so it wouldn’t be harmful.

    Will also say I do like your music, was a bit careful about saying it as yoink as in my head he was more of a chav character and I couldn’t really picture what music he would like.

  12. @alordslums…. i like the versions of your name in french: “le Chatelain Taudis”, and in german: “die Hergott Verslumen”

    @GandT… i like yours in alcoholese: GinandTonic 🙂

  13. glitterandtrauma

    I really can’t handle Gin and Tonic, that along with straight vodka are the drinks my stomach likes to reject Djenna. I’m not expecting many people to get the origins of my username but anyone that does will be automatically awesome in my books. 🙂 lol

  14. nice.


  15. biffy clyro!

  16. glitterandtrauma

    @alord yep that automatically makes you awesome! 🙂

  17. ha am i still awesome if i knew it was biffy clyro but i’m not particularly a fan?

  18. glitterandtrauma

    Well it’s not one of their well known songs so how did you know? Google? lol well it does wobble slightly, Biffy are amazing how can you not like them? and I have a weird fetish for Simon Neil?!?

  19. yeah, i can’t handle gin either, i keep trying it, and i keep rejecting it lol. so vodka is still my drink of choice (goes with everything, even cornflakes!) until i grow up enough to become the gin-soaked tart i know i can be

  20. gin is the best!

    it won’t be the gin per se, just that you’ve not tried the right one yet.

    once you’ve had a tanqueray gin and tonic you’re sold.

    gt – i didn’t google or wiki it! look how quickly after you asked i posted! the gee-tar player in our band really likes biffy clyro. i’m more of a gilbert o’sullivan/ann lee man myself.

  21. glitterandtrauma

    alord no I just can’t stomach gin Maybe I will try it again some day but the memories of before are not good. It’s not the taste it’s the effect, though maybe that’s the quantity I consume rather than the quality. I’ll stick to whicky I think. I won’t even try to pretend I’ve heard of them.

  22. glitterandtrauma


  23. good choice. whisky’s the only spirit that trumps gin!

    although stay off the gay bourbon stuff – make sure it’s a proper single malt.

  24. glitterandtrauma

    yeah I prefer irish whisky though, I think they really know how to have their alcohol.

  25. @alord okay, stopping at the bottle-o for tanqueray gin is on my to do list. Drinking said gin is the next task. i’m so eager to take my first step down the dank, dark path to proper gin drinking i’m going to pretend its thursday instead of tuesday today 🙂

    thanks for the recommendation, i will let you know how i go 🙂

  26. glitterandtrauma

    I’ve always wonsered why different alcoholic drinks have different effects on you? Wine makes me say I love you to everyone and everything then fall into a deep sleep, Vodka with something just makes me happy but on it’s own makes me sick,Beer makes me loud and jolly, gin makes me sick and any combination of shots, whisky and midori makes me happy and horny. How can all these drinks that have the same ingredient that makes you drunk have such different effects?

  27. they may all be alcoholic, but they all are made from different things.. eg. vodka=potatoes, whiskey=rye, beer=hops, midori=melon etc.etc

    all i have learnt after many years of drinking is clear spirits/drinks= no hangover=able to start drinking sooner haha

  28. glitterandtrauma

    I’m quite lucky I don’t really suffer too badly from hangovers I’m sometimes extra tired but that’s it. lol

  29. yeah, i’ve always found it funny that GHB makes me really horny, and heroin sends me into a deep sleep.

    on a serious note, whisky makes me angry and do whatever comes into my head that second to do, beer barely does anything to me, and… if i’m at home, i can have a bottle of red wine and feel really sick as well as ill the next day, but when i’m in a warm country, i can have 3 bottles of red and be fine. wine makes me maudlin, and makes me think it’s a good idea to call an ex or watch breakfast club.

    tequila makes me want to fuck also.

  30. glitterandtrauma

    It’s strange isn’t it? I haven’t quite experimented as far with drugs as you but with the alcohol. Tequila does it for me too it must be a strong aphrodisiac and I try not to have nights with lots of whisky and coke and tequila shots too often as they as a mix increase the chance of me becoming a nympho and waking up next to a munter. Never a good way to start the day.

  31. Jeeze, who even drinks smirnoff ice anymore?

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