Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wonderful Wins

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  1. CommentsAtLarge

    Maybe it’s just been a long day but I don’t follow Matty. That makes him metal how? Oh yeah, you’re a father now, time to stop going by “Matty”.

  2. the first one appealed to the geek in me.

    it’s odd too, because i was drinking a beer with a few friends tonight, and one of them said:

    ‘my friend had a dodgy eye, but he always had a good outlook on life.’

    and i replied with

    ‘my mate invented a microsoft office email manager – he also had a good outlook on life.’


  3. Gemma, you were just asking for it….

  4. I enjoyed #4 quite a lot.

  5. Well Allen is obviously rooting for Ghana.

  6. I’m not even a rabid feminist but I’m so over jokes at the expense of women being “wins.” Ha ha ha! Inequality in the workplace! Love it!

  7. Beckey, maybe you should consider “blowing it” if you want to pass.

  8. I agree w/ pterryndactyl – I’m really sick of seeing these jokes on women. Not original and therefore not funny.

    I did like Bonnie’s though – haha ‘my son is so metal’ wtf loser.

  9. Allen made me giggle. Then I got mad when I saw his profile picture. USA!

  10. Vista sista!

  11. @pterryndactyl and lissetarien – Definitely agreed. It’s gotten old. Not that it was ever “win” in the first place, but now it’s just boring.

  12. I’m glad they pixelated Allen’s picture in the last one. Now we can’t tell that it’s three horizontal bars of color.

  13. Women jokes might be old, but it’s still funny. She was asking for it, and I didn’t see it as much of an ‘anti-women’ joke as it was just a joke.

    iced327, your comment made me laugh.

  14. wow. misogyny. hilarious.

  15. mymomruinedfacebook

    The women jokes are so cliche. The only thing funny about them is that men actually think one of us would go make them a fucking sandwich…you gotta be kidding me.

  16. “The air is killed”?? What, did he fart or something?

  17. Allen fails for the Ghana flag in addition to the attempted sexist joke – USA! USA! USA! USA!

  18. Allen’s comment was pretty funny. Like I didn’t take it seriously.

  19. If you’re going to type something arrogant like “a woman’s work is never done.”, then it’s just asking for the chip to be knocked off the shoulder. When it can just be “peoples work is never done.”

  20. I never knew Ms. Pacman, I wonder if any of us really did. Bonnie’s comment was pretty funny, funnier than the obligatory chauvinist joke.

  21. I don’t understand the one about Matty’s son.

  22. Firsttttttt!!!!

  23. Awwwww damn lag!

  24. it’s 25 cents not .25 cents, loser.

  25. Fuck yeah, Walter! You’re so NOT a loser. Trying to be first and acting all e-thug. *rollseyes*

  26. Claiming to be first while actually being 22nd and five an a half hours behind the actual first post? Hmmm, that fails so badly it almost approaches win from the other side.

  27. Lol the first one reminds me of this awesome gangsta edition of Word:

  28. What’s with all the Walter hate? I laughed.

  29. ‘Write letters and shit, you’ xD Once again the comments are funnier than the Lamebook post. Though the Lamebook post was good too.

  30. *yo. Ah, fuck it.

  31. i luv walter. he’s 1 of my favs.

  32. Yeah lol that was a win by Walter, I don’t get how anyone can find that unfunny.

  33. If you don’t get the Walt-com you don’t belong here.

  34. Allen! loved it

    also, very nice walter

  35. Thanks dudes.

  36. The only “women jokes” that I still laugh at are turning the words around on what a woman says to start with. If the joke is out of nowhere, then it’s lame.

    This one was not lame. I enjoyed it. Allen, I enjoyed it.

    Women, can’t live with ’em…. amiright guys?

  37. Bonnie rocks! Metal = awesome.

  38. sexism its funny cuz I have a penis.

  39. I think sexism is funny and I don’t have a penis.

  40. Sorry, how many cents? A quarter of a cent?

  41. I think Matty’s son was just marking the moment we here on Earth did finally destroy our atmosphere. Insightful lad.

  42. What exactly makes that kid so”metal”?

    Also, as a woman I have to say that women shouldn’t be allowed to work anyway. All the gossiping, bad-mouthing, not doing your job… Ugh.

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