Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Love Story

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  2. That’s so true. Would make an awesome television show. It’s so “real”.

  3. and both of them were lezbiasn

  4. I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body…

  5. Is there a sex scene?
    -every registered sex offender who read this

  6. 6 deaths is pretty damn romantic.

  7. I have never seen a 13 year old portray Juliet

  8. Yeah, but I’m pretty sure the actress who plays Daenerys Targaryen isn’t 13 either. You know, because of people like onetime69.

  9. …and also because we wanna see some boobs.

  10. You said bewbs! Nobody cares about Romoe (spelled wrong on purpose) Good fucking night, assholes.. 😀

  11. People like me?!? Like a pedophile!?


  12. calm down with the hyper-punctuation, Father Short-eyes. It’s pretty obvious you never get much attention, but you don’t have to piss in your trousers.

  13. So the original poster read Romeo and Juliet and got what then? It’s a comedy? A social commentary? A musical?

  14. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    The one from 1968 features a quick nude scene and the girl was 15 at the time.

  15. Romeo and Juliet is a Tragedy if you want to be specific.

  16. #15 Really? I always thought it was a bromance.

  17. ChristinaTisaopenleggedwhore

    Like being divorced? Ahha

  18. ^ Who is Christina?

  19. ^I think she’s probably an open-legged whore.

  20. 13: On the bigger picture it’s more about the two families realising that their petty squabbles caused their two mentally challenged children to kill themselves, and on the even bigger picture those two families are a reference to political entities in general, and the general population being mentally challenged teenagers.

    Like what 15 said, in the direct literary classification, it’s a tragedy. I view it as a comedy though, personally.

  21. 19: if that’s the case, nice to meet you Christina. I’m free Tuesdays and Fridays.

  22. Many scholars view “Romeo and Juliet” as a comedy. It certainly reads that way, as though Shakespeare is mocking them. A teen boy who is madly in love with one girl, then falls head over heals in love with one he just met, both are overly dramatic and hatch out some dumb suicide plot to be together after only knowing each other for a few days? I understand teens not getting the funny, since they are likely to get swept up in something ridiculous as well (hopefully sans suicide). What adult looks at two kids “in love” and doesn’t snicker about it, since we all know how those middle school/high school romances work out, yet they’re so serious? Then take that romance and put it on steroids…funny!

    Adults are a little dense if they don’t get the humor there, and it’s ridiculous that most people consider it a tragedy. It’s like taking The Hangover seriously.

  23. ^ It has to do with the theatrical definitions of “Comedy” and “Tragedy”. See, in theater, a comedy is when the protagonist wins, and a tragedy is when either the antagonist wins or the protagonist dies.

    However, in real life, a comedy is when you fall off a cliff and die, and a tragedy is when I have a hangnail (that’s a George Carlin line, so give him the credit).

  24. After reading through this thread, the only real quality piece of information that I gleaned is that Christina T is an open-legged whore. I guess we really DO learn something new every day. Who’dathunkit?

  25. What I got from this was that there are people in existence who take a 16th century script and attempt to adequately contextualise it from the 21st century.
    I was more than a bit disappoint that none of our Worthy Lamebook Scholars didn’t suggest that jules should have just texted her cunning plan to romeo. Like, OMG.

  26. Yeah, communication carriers sucked balls as much then as they do now… I believe their text was lost enroute.

  27. Monk Mobile.

  28. Dear people whoever reference Shakespeare anymore.

    Signed nobody does anymore.

    Not to mention this lame format of a stupid trend in internet humour.

  29. ^ What the fuck was THAT?

  30. Ummmm…Flames…huh?!

  31. Romeo and Juliet is a black tragi-comedy, which is partly an inversion of the Petrarchan courtly love tradition, juxtaposing the farcical fuck up of the elopement/double suicide with the idealised concept of dying of a broken heart after rejection.

    The concept of being ‘star crossed’ is subtly mocked, as the stupidity and misadventure of the two lovers is put down to ‘fate’.

    The ending in which the families realise that their differences have ’caused’ the deaths of their children is itself farcical, because the double suicide was itself unintentional and the result of highly-strung teens being unable to plan a decent escape.

    As such, by the end of the play, several people are dead and a dispute has potentially been resolved for all the wrong reasons. The only conclusion to be reached is the beautiful realisation that life fucks with people, and will fuck with you.

    I imagine this is ringing especially true with MsAnneThrope who appears to be seriously emotionally damaged.

  32. don’t flatter yourself. you’re just as tedious as all the other proto-scholars. you’re only notable because you’re a sad little name-dropper.

  33. What’s wrong MsAnne? Did he use too many big words that even you can’t understand. What with you being the bee all and end of human perfection and intelligence.

  34. eat a bowl of dicks, crusto.

  35. Naaaaaaaaaah.

  36. still full from the last lot, eh?

  37. Butthurt Msannethrope is butthurt…!

  38. say it again. it wont make it true, but you’ll feel special.

  39. Yeah something like that…big portions

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