Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Color Me Bad

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  1. Hobo Cleese.

    And a blow torch is exactly what I think that meeting needs Christine.

  2. Unfunny, lame fuckwits. The lot of them.

  3. Brilliant, a shitty racist Lamebook post for me to ignore and say THIS:

    Hello! Are you British? Are you a fan of the X Factor? Are you? Watch it Saturday, did you? Ohhh, great. Did you like it? Good, good. Did you want that black girl to get through? Were you kinda sad when that judge-lady picked somebody else instead? 🙁 Did it make you mad inside? Did you get worryingly aggravated for something that happened on TV? Was it just too damn hard to contain that anger?
    Did you call OFCOM and complain that Cheryl Cole’s a racist?


  4. “intelligent conversation” and “college Republicans” are two phrases that should never occur in the same sentence. Wordpervert hit the nail on the head.

  5. MsBuzzkillington

    I don’t get the comment Carlos made.

    These were kinda hit and miss. They don’t really flow well together.

  6. CommentsAtLarge, I think you meant flamethrower

  7. Devin…FTW lmao

  8. @5
    Ethiopia had a famine in the 80’s caused by drought and civil war. Carlos’ joke stems from them not having any food to eat, hence not having tried Ethiopian food. Unfortunately for Carlos the joke is 20 years too late and Ethiopia is not as starving as it used to be.

  9. I love immigrants, I just hate the illegal ones.

  10. yeah I think Devin wins for managing to mix Motown with vague physical anatomy.

  11. Devin made me smile. Not laugh, just smile. A little.

  12. the post was lame but @john10423 made me laugh xD

  13. @john10423: Those two phrases didn’t occur in the same sentence. They didn’t even occur in the same paragraph.

  14. Who wants to bet that Devin has been waiting for years to use that pun?

  15. robokat. I think what he’s saying is those two phrases should never occur together. In the same sentence. In the same paragraph. In the same anything. Ever. And, I agree. Hey, I’m a Democratic-loving Aussie.

  16. Can someone please explain to me why people make sex tapes?

  17. @17

    to exclude you.

  18. “We don’t mind illegal cigars, but we do mind illegal immigrants”

    Sounds like a typical Republican. Don’t care that a law is being broken, so long as they get what they want out of it. They only care when it’s those “dirty Mexicans” doing the lawbreaking.

  19. phixius, a.k.a. wallace.

    take a bow young man.

  20. alordslums
    Do you have a problem with me?

  21. 1) Devin was a little humorous. The rest, not so much.

    2) Not British. However, I would, given the opportunity, like to do shockingly vulgar things with Cheryl Cole.

  22. @21

    yes, i wish you’d piss off.

  23. alordslums
    Why? What have I said to offend you today?

  24. I’m with phixius, too.

    The Urethra Franklin thing has been around since I first heard her fabulous voice. Shit she’s fat, though, but I’ll give her a pass like I do with Dawn French. I give Michael Moore a pass, also.

    Suddenly, I sound like I’m loving fatties. Never.

  25. Pedant, a fine substitute indeed; I rephrase my earlier entry to “I see your blow torch and raise you a flamethrower Christine, it seems more suited for the job.”

  26. You don’t have to love fatties to love Aretha Franklin, just love those pipes. Damn, those sweet sweet pipes…

  27. uhhhh gross Michael Moore wouldn’t get a pass from me, just on principles alone + plus he’s a mouth breather >_<

  28. Hmmm, somehow little goth/emo girls who like to deal with angst via razor blade don’t seem like the kind of people they’d want at a College Republicans meeting. Crack, on the other hand…

  29. @muepsilingamma longassname, People make sex tapes, because, it’s . fucking. hot. K? It’s another form of lust. Sin. Evil. etc. I hope that put it into easier terms for you.

  30. Bahahahahaha

    Good work als, good work.

  31. I’m with MEG on this one – more people may prefer smoking fatties over using “pipes” or consider it more of a treat, but you could love smoking from a bowl more than you love smoking a fattie.

  32. Funniest posts for a while.

  33. Oh, I see. You still think I’m a religious nutball, and therefore won’t give me a decent answer for anything. Good to see your maturity level exceeds that of an infant.. I think.

  34. i am scared of ethopian food. a friend of mine had some, and we were hanging out walking around town, he then had to use the bathroom but nowhere was open since it was 1am at this point. he wound up pooping in a rite aid parking lot.

  35. I’m pretty sure Urethra Franklin is a punk band.

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