Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fresh Calendar

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  1. Could be a typo if they were using the numpad.

  2. It’s just a typo…they meant a 0 instead of a 1

  3. maybe they were distracted by the dude fingering his girlfriend. i also wish subway sandwiches actually looked that good.

  4. The 31th is my birthday. I can only celebrate it every 3rth leap year.

  5. I don’t get it

  6. #4 The 20th is my birthday.

  7. I don’t really support grammar Nazi’s, but this is a key fucking example of when grammar is really fucking important . If the thick fucks at Subway can’t get a simple bit of spelling right then I’m not so sure we should be trusting them to serve our food.

  8. Oh, and all of that salt & fat will definitely build you into an athlete ready to battle at the Olympics.

  9. Maybe its an April fool gag

  10. @crustyloveshit
    And what does spelling have to do with food?

  11. That’s some mighty fine looking plastic there Subway. Because we all know their real food is about 1/4 the size of that. They don’t put anywhere near that much meat and the like on their sandwiches, not unless you pay a double or triple fee. Fuck that.

  12. Because marketing is a direct representation of the company or organisation. If you can’t get the advert right…what else are they fucking up? Fuck you.

  13. ^well you specifically said serving food
    Obviously those people are not the ones in charge of advertising.
    So fuck you too

  14. stop being so fucking pedantic, dardar.

  15. Was that your word of the day, frank?

  16. What ‘fucking’? That’s always my word of the day.

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