Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good Guy!

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  1. Why don’t you leave telling jokes to the professionals, mate. You can get back to doing what you do best. Killing 8 year old ‘insurgents’ or whatever.

  2. ^F that guy.

  3. He can’t talk to her on the phone for 40 minutes, but he can post on Facebook?

  4. The fact that he doesn’t have to pay for long-distance calling is great too. Lucky bastard.

  5. Is this what our taxes are covering? Long-distance calling for soldiers!?

  6. Rush, do you mean ‘Fuck that guy’ or are you grading my post?

    Either way I think I at least deserve a C.

  7. The former. I don’t really like to use profanity.

  8. Then why make a name based around a profain nutjob?

  9. Then why name yourself after a profain nutjob?

  10. You don’t like to use profanity, yet can’t express yourself without using profanity? It must be very hard being you. 🙁

  11. Sheesh Frankie, way to piss off all the patriotic yanks!
    P.S. Are they ever gonna tell us who actually WON the fuckin Boston Marathon???

  12. @Zatknis No, they also cover the bullets for the 8 yo insurgents.

  13. I hate feel good happy horseshit posts like this one.

  14. He never said he was serving his country folks: maybe he’s just out there on a little holiday. I hear that the mountains are beautiful at this time of year.

  15. *country, folks

  16. Starts out by complaining the phone conversation is too long. Ends by saying it’s amazing. Make your fucking mind up. RushLimbaugh, do a little research you fuckwit. The war in Afghanistan is a crime. Fucking self defense? Bullshit. Self defense is filing the paperwork to close up the loop holes that allow terrorists a safe haven in our own countries while they plot to destroy everything we stand for. Self defense is strengthening your own boarders and toughening the firearms licensing legislation to make it more difficult for American citizens to gain access to deadly weapons that can be turned on your own.

    I wonder how that conversation went…

    Dickwad 1: “If we give everyone access to guns, regardless of their experience or training, then we are definitely much safer”
    Dickwad 2: “Amazing fucking idea, let’s do that. The children of the people will be so much safer”.

    Fuck that.

  17. Fake.

  18. People, please save your political grandstanding for the boards over at MSNBC or Foxnews. In case you missed it, this is more of a comedy website.

  19. My god — yes, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan both suck, but this guy is a soldier who’s been flown over there and is doing his best to do his job and keep things good at home. Have you ever been in an airport and seen a guy waiting for a flight in fatigues? Every time that happens, I usually think, “wow — this guy is probably flying from or to somewhere where he’ll be shot at.” In short, that guy (or girl) is doing something that requires an unbelievable amount of courage.

    War is fucking horrible. Neither the Iraq nor the Afghanistan wars should be happening. And, yes, some of the soldiers are doing some terrible things. But condemning this guy because of the actions of a small few is like calling all Bostonians terrorists after what happened at the marathon. This guy’s most likely an honorable soldier, one who’s probably been in some pretty tough situations in the service of his country. So, if you have a problem with him simply because he’s in the military, then you’re a dick, plain and simple.

  20. Courage? What would be courageous is to conscientiously object. If a soldier goes to a foreign country to fight for a cause he doesn’t believe in, then he is surely a coward? If he goes to war to fight a battle he does believe in, yet noone else does, then is he not an idiot? You come across very unclearly merle.

  21. I wonder what other shenanigans the Government is funding…

  22. ^^^ What’s with all the novels?

  23. Frankenstein Fuck you,. you think that’s what the man/woman over in Afghanistan is doing right now you fuck face,. they’re over there laying down their lives for POS like you, who thinks they know/understand the hardship of war,. you’re a cunt, limp dick mthrfkcr who doesn’t even have the balls to serve this great nation,. people like you fucking piss me off, you think killing kids is a thing to joke about you srry blue waffle looking mthrfckr, you need to be choked fucked till life escapes your very fucking soul,.,

  24. Frankie is a woman who lives in Australia.

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