Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Just Don’t Think We Understand


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  1. Uh, why are people so lame??

  2. Eva has an aversion of vowels. Clearly. Is there a name for that phobia?

  3. Did they break Eva’s brain the same time they broke her heart?

    And Emily – with two ‘Y’s?
    Cause they had two!

    (Thank you, I’m here all week; try the veal)

  4. yes Cam, immature and bone fucking idle.

  5. Damn, brain farters!

  6. Cam, when she and her hubby exchanged their vowels she was shortchanged.

  7. Is this Engrish?

  8. At least she got 8/20 on spelling. There’s some pride there, I’m sure.

  9. What a contribution from the moron cousin there… does she think that there is any purpose to her meaningless bullshit statement?! I’m sure that “cris” doesn’t give a flying crap about Eva’s heartbreak or lack of education.

  10. I didn’t realize how many people cannot spell these days.

    Did we get rid of English classes?

  11. Dropping Vowels, the “NewSpeak” of today.

  12. Oh, I get it. Eva’s just the in-bred cousin they keep in the attic. The one with two heads, and the broken heart.

  13. what is this i don’t even

  14. That horrible spelling and grammar breaks my heart.

  15. I actually had to read that three times before I understood it!

  16. Shes actually pleading with cris. He must be a right charmer

  17. Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

  18. I laughed my lungs up at the title of this one. Well done, Lamebook editors.

  19. i dunt spiek henglis niether but dats ok u got ur point akross Eva

  20. Pretty sure Cris without an “H” will definately break up Emily with too many “Y”s now that there’s a possibility her cousins retardation is genetic

  21. Fuck it! Let’s develop a new alphabet because the one we have had for at least a couple of years seems not to be relevant anymore. Let’s be done with it and remove all vowels, replacing them if ncssry wth xtr y’s. Still not sure what we should do with the aitches. Sometimes they’re a bit superfluous but sometimes very much needed. What are your thoughts? Any suggestions for other letters we can get rid off. I’m sure there’s plenty of scope to shave some fat off the remaining 21. Sh1t. Just thought if we exchange our vowels the yoof will just replace them with numbers. It’s like War Games. Their is no winner just the total and difinite destruction of our language. Nooooooooooooo

  22. there

  23. definite.
    Fuck. What a cock. I shall give myself a good thrashing with thistles and bar myself from ever posting on here again. Goodbye my friends, and good luck.

  24. Bye Too Soon?.

  25. I don’t understand. i hv a hrdr tme tryn 2 nt typ vwls thn typn dem

  26. hahaha.

  27. @Boz-
    random question: where did you read that’ ‘has anyone really been as far..’ etc ?
    I read the exact same thing in the stall of a disgusting portable toilet.

  28. i don’t even… what?

  29. hahahaha wow everyone is so

  30. @29 ;yeah, Angie, that’s just what xtc does:)

  31. what is wrong with people and not being able to not spell shit correctly!?

  32. What is wrong with people and not being able to punctuate shit correctly?!

    The “it’s” you are using is a contraction of “it” and “is” so should contain an apostrophe.

  33. Should be shot

  34. I can’t help but feel sorry for Emilyy with her broke heart. Damn that financial crisis!

  35. What the fuck did she just say?

  36. Translation:
    Yes, Cris. Do not break my cousin’s heart. Please don’t. My heart has been irreparably broken so I know all too well the pain that this entails. So please Cris, I implore you – don’t do the same to Emily(y?). Thank you Cris.

  37. @Mac

    How long have you been studying Ebonics? Your translation skills far surpass anyone I’ve met before!

    [Also: I was rolling; thank you for the laughs.]

  38. Thought that ‘cuz’ meant ”cause’. Was confused for sometime. Also, lol @chunder (comment #3)!

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