Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I used to drive a cab…

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  1. Ugh, it was neither worth the wait nor A+

  2. We get it. Fresh Prince was a show that people watched. Do we have to post every reference and parody of a theme song from a show from 20 years ago?

  3. This one was actually pretty clever for once.

  4. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    Will Smith sucks.

  5. We didn’t see the ending coming a mile away or anything.

  6. Dropped Your Heart

    I liked it. I actually didn’t see it coming, I thought he was going to talk about all the gangs on the West Coast…

  7. @ Dropped your heart, if you didn’t see that coming you need your guide dog to explain it to you!!

  8. #6 Referencing your chosen username, my heart is irrelevant…but that’s besides the point…What I *really* want to know, is…if I dip my cock in some old english will you polish it for me?

  9. ^I’ll french polish the fucker. i just bought a new bucket of beeswax AND a belt for my sander.

  10. I don’t get it, that is not what happened in the Fresh Prince intro…

  11. I couldn’t tell you, Hawk. I’ve never seen it. It’s about black people and I’m far too racist for that.
    Why, I saw an episode of the cosby show once, and promptly joined the ku klux klan – right on the damn spot.

  12. Well fuck Ms..slap that shit on there and power up! While you’re at it grab the battery out of your car and hook up these nipple clamps!

  13. msanne is now turning to racism for some lulz. how fucking grand of you msanne, congrats. you have just become a cliche of yourself.

  14. that was racist? because I mentioned another culture, I’m a racist?
    How’s that work, then?

  15. No I think it works because you mentioned you’re racist. Just trying to help out

  16. I see. so we’re taking everything I say on a literal level now?
    Oh! at. fucking. LAST!

    kill yourself, teko. kill yourself sloooowly and painfully and upload the .gifs of the best bits to my blog for me.

  17. K, so if Teeko* kills himself, misanthrope, how is he going to upload the photos? Is. THAT. good enouuuuuuugh. for! You?

  18. yeah OK. I thought teek may have had at least one friend, but that’s not very fucking likely, is it?

  19. Mine are real. Not imaginary, but that’s ok honey child. I hope the people where you work are understanding of the rants you go on, talking about the people on the innertubes where you make stupid remarks and are queen. I bet they avoid you like the stinky cheese on the plate at parties that no one eats until their plastered.

  20. You have a blog? Oh that is too funny. And mundane. Please post it here so we can ALL enjoy it.
    And by enjoy I mean I rather would kill myself, which is never going to happen because my aim in life has now switched to becoming Prime Minister, Lord of the Underworld, King of the Faeries and Ultimate Annoyance to you Which Will Never Go Away like a Gnat in Your Face.

  21. *they’re.
    Pardon the spelling. You know how prune juice is.

  22. And quit trying to be my friend because I really don’t care for you.

  23. Only plebs avoid “stinky” cheese, it takes a more refined taste to realise it is actually high quality stuff.

    And if you want to see MsAnne’s blog just click on her name… I dare you.

  24. yeah frankenstein, and there’s an hilarious talking fanny – right on the frontpage. yay.

  25. HA HA HA! bitch

  26. I’m shattered right now. That’s a pretty nasty condemnation to be making in an online forum.

  27. really, Frankenstein? bitch? ouch man.


  28. Sorry MsAnne, you cunt. Better?

  29. I’m beaming.

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