Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It’s About Type

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  1. oh an i just dun the celbraty lookalike fing an i got jared pedalecki an gracey got vanessa marcell

  2. Paranoid Android

    Can I just say that alordslums is great looking (in a non-gay way), is hilariously funny, has witty insights and is just a super, fantastic fella.

    There, that should seal the deal mate 😉

  3. gracey a prity boy

  4. u fink u r looooooooooool or sunfin but u jus a dicksicklefuckleduck

  5. thanks for that paranoid (if that’s your real name!). i was just drafting up a brochure- looks like i won’t need to now.

  6. Nice one Yoink, I love Jared in Supernatural(in a non-gay way mind, he is a brilliant actor). Can’t believe I spend my life reading through all these comments :S lol

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