Friday, July 10, 2009

Major WTF


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  1. doesn’t it depend on how experienced the baby is?

  2. I loooooove that none of his friends give him the benefit of the doubt

  3. @ michael post 99

    U r a fucking retard like Adam. Go lick my ass after taking a shit you stupid piece of shit. why you use jesus’s name in vane you cock sucking fucker? its not funny u sick fucking little bitch
    theres a reason he doesnt have any FB friends left. you think kyou know it all but you dont. i will bash ur face in with a lead pipe u utter moron

  4. i mean post 91

  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, stop the presses. I believe that we now have the first documented case to justify the existence a lethal-does of oral diarrhea.

    Clearly this young man had no ill intentions, he simply was making a statement that came from nowhere near his brain.

    Oh wait a minute… he still said it, didn’t he? Fair enough, have him drawn and quartered in the public square at high noon on live camera. Case closed.

  6. @91 – LoL at the idea that was the OP’s attempt at humour that bombed. Yer not exactly SNL material is it?

    @103 – How did you manage to crawl out of the abortion bucket?

  7. If I hadn’t known it was something done by 4Chan, I still would have guessed it was fake.

    Quite obvious.

  8. He had to be on drugs to post that shit on facebook…I hope they locked his ass up

  9. Somebody surely got into his account and wrote that because why, even he felt that, would he broadcast it on Facebook knowing well what the reaction would be. So the fact that there is a delete option is irrelevant, use your heads people??

  10. A Michael Jackson joke? Eyeroll.

  11. WikidJuggaloPanda

    adam fail. simon WIN

  12. @the whiners
    you people are out of control. lock him up? ever heard of the first amendment? he can talk about fucking babies all day every day but as long as he doesn’t actually fuck a baby, he’s not doing anything illegal. yea i know.. that silly ass constitution of ours right?
    if something bothers you, leave. I bet if i put my finger in your eye, you would move.

    lighten the fuck up you pussies

  13. My ex-husband was arrested for trying to meet a minor whom he met online. The great thing is, it turned out to be a setup.Got 42 months (not long enough). I think this guy should get the same kind of sentence for this hideous comment.

  14. The_Chinese_Fireball

    i found this guy’s facebook. you can check the url and the profile number in brad (no 13)’s link. holy…i wouldn’t be surprised if some 4chan hacker/pedo did this…

  15. Princess Bananahammock

    If he was hacked than why didn’t he come back and defend himself?

  16. just passing through

    i bet he did this on purpose just so he’d have something to submit to lamebook. lamer.

  17. WTF!!!! thats all i hav to say

  18. Whoever submitted this better have /reported.

    I hope someone on his list knows him in person and not just online, and has the good sense to stamp on his head/neck a few dozen times.

  19. i saw the word 4chan in the comments, and i saw the pic where he took this himself, so he was probably playing one of those games: “post ending in ### chooses my facebook status.”

    for those who don’t know, 4chan numbers each post made, and people play post number games, like “post ending in 66 names my cat” or “post ending in ___ chooses my status”.
    they post that phrase in the original post, then everyone posts the worst/weirdest/sickest/etc. phrase they can come up with, and if their post ends in the number the OP chose, he does it, then screencaps or takes a photo to prove he did it.

    so no, he doesn’t need to be reported, he just needs to learn that he doesn’t need to prove himself to a bunch of idiots on the internet when it could ruin friendships.

  20. This was a hi-jacked account by 4chan. 4chan members were handed a list of 100,000 email accounts w/passwords from a christian dating site. They merely connected email/facebook accounts/passwords, since people usually use the same passwords for both, and hi-jacked the accounts. Some people called it hacking, no, don’t give them that much credit.

    This particular incident was mild, and fit the bill for what they were shooting for. Too mild, and it was boring, didn’t get much reaction, not really funny. Too extreme, and people figured it out right away. Family members, etc.

    While this was happening, Facebook suicides were popular, lots of racial pictures, questioning their faith in God, etc. All targeting christians. Just because this christian dating site had weak security.

    I’m on page 242 atm, so if I see any more that I recognize, I’ll point them out.

    What’s important to realize is that the person making the bizarre status message is the hi-jacker, and the re-actions of everyone he knows is all real. But, they also made bizarre comments on normal statuses/pictures of the victim’s friends, which is a little tougher.

  21. “sort ya fukin head out u twat!!!!!”

    Kayleigh ftw

  22. @DocBrown

    Yeah, I was going to guess this was a hijacked profile. If that is indeed the case, I feel really bad for the guy.

  23. Thats a hacker at work. Someone with the least horsesense wouldnt post something like THAT. Sick shit.

  24. What do you call a baby with a broken jaw?

    A wet dream.


  25. the funny thing is…i was the one to hack this many months ago haha and he couldnt defend himself cuz i changed passwords many times, and ya it was from the christian dating site password stealing haha many lolz i got from this

  26. adam devine is his name… he has no shame

  27. 😐

  28. If he did send this in himself, he is a sociopath.

  29. It’s a joke. Get over it and quit being so uptight. I give him props. It was funny. 🙂

  30. Serial Thriller

    Lol, this dude just so effortlessly created his own “purge friend’s list” button. I’m proud.

    I mean, I’m not sure why everyone’s goin’ ballistic over a li’l, innocuous baby-fucking comment, but yeah, whatever works.

  31. This is why I use a different, randomly generated password for Facebook than for anything else! I like how Paula says she’s going to delete him from her friend list, then shows up three hours later to make another comment.

  32. Anyone have a link to this Adam guy?

  33. You Got Doddified

    It’s funny cos this exact post is now on a ‘Join to see the picture’ group under the name:

    “This Sick Guy Went To Jail For Posting This Sick Status Update!”

    Confirms my belief that group creators now need to advertise with ‘shocking’ titles like that in order to gain members. Not that I needed any more evidence after ‘The photographer shot himself after taking this picture’…

  34. You sick bastard!

  35. @91 – THANK YOU. There is so much lack of brain in this thread. For a start, yeah, it’s not even fucking real.
    Furthermore, I love how everyone goes totally batshit anytime anything remotely relating to paedophilia is mentioned. I’m convinced it makes you morons feel better to not bother to use any thought processes here and just go OMG BURN HIM!!!!!111111

    Good grief.

  36. I’m guessing whoever made up this profile status has a REALLY REALLY small weenie, and has delusions of grandeur.

  37. It’s very obvious this is not real

  38. HAHA.

  39. ah, 4chan. The arsehole of the internet. Hope this guy successfully got his life on track after being comprehensively fucked over by /b/ and their cruel antics. Can’t believe anyone thought Adam would post this himself.

  40. I dont think it matters if it is real or not child rape is nothing to sit around and joke about anywhere………..

  41. Brad is a good guy. You can tell by his bookmarks at the top of the screenshot he posted.

  42. OMG

  43. I found his profile; he’s a Man Utd fan. Case solved.

  44. If he was trying to be clever he would’ve deleted every post except for Paula’s at the end. I’m guessing hacked and decided this wasn’t the best idea.

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