Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mrs. WTF

Mrs. WTF

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  1. Wait wait wait…………………………What?

  2. This is Lame avec a capital ‘L’.

  3. Holla at your maaa!

  4. My head a-splode.


  6. she’s irish

  7. i don’t think this is lamebook worthy. just because she’s putting a lot of enthusiasm in a kind of lengthy post doesn’t make it lame.

  8. txt to hollah at ya ma… haha

  9. I was waiting for the Lamebook day when some crazy lesbian was all overbearing on her girlfriends wall. Surprised it was the first!

  10. Candy Blackmail

    Unfortunately I know who this person is. And yes, she’s just as pretentious and annoying in person…this post is just the tip of the iceberg.

  11. i agree stacey i don’t think this is lame either

  12. So is she a lesbian or just really, REALLY likes her friend??
    Sounds like a chav or one of those permatanned brit blondes, no one else goes to Ibiza….

  13. “I just want to hear your voice… feel you near me again” stuff makes it pretty clear they’ve boned at some point.

  14. imagine what her texts look like

  15. stacy and bob are the same person (Danielle). Will someone please give her some Valium!??!

  16. katvondelicious

    stacy=bob=Danielle? LOL! and I don’t get it, is Mrs. F her teacher? why is she calling her Mrs. F? is she in an enthusiastic lesbian relationship with a married woman?

  17. calibeachballsurfdude98

    sadly enough through all that crazy american sounding shit.
    Tescos is an English supermarket.

  18. YO, MAMA!

  19. I don’t think this is lame, it’s just how this girl chooses to interact with her friend… granted it is fairly enthuastic, but so what?

  20. What the hell just happened?

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