Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So That’s Why?

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    For the love of God LB.

  2. Copied from antijoke.com. Fake.

  3. I fought in Nam. I fucked a bunch of gook whores. Me love them long time.

  4. *sees *boys’ *hears *Luckys

    How can people go through life without learning about apostrophe usage?

  5. ^it might be the trauma of war talking, you coldhearted harpy.

  6. Unoriginal.

  7. No one gives a shit about apostrophe usage. Unless it’s being graded from a college you just spent 20g’s on for tuition, no one gives a bit of care. Well we could count you but that might give you a false sense of wantedness

  8. ^you don’t have a false sense of wantedness, do you? not a fucking scrap of it, I should imagine.

  9. I have a keen sense of wantonness, myself.

    ^^ Is that how you comfort yourself, Flames, considering your poor grasp of the English language? That it’s something no one cares about?

    I guess if the height of your career is filling cardboard boxes with packing foam, or sticking reflective road markers to bitumen, then you’re probably right.

    And it does assist in identifying the stoopids online.

  10. ^yeah. ‘coz otherwise they’d just blend right the fuck in, hey.

  11. Yeah, I actually care. Weird, Flamer, you’re wrong again! Shocking!

  12. someone who bitches about apostrophe use but placing commas where they don’t belong ? There’s a word for that .

  13. There is a word for it, Flames, but I’m pretty sure that with your limited vocabulary, you will never figure out what it is.

    Now, which comma(s) do you think don’t belong, and please, feel free to take some time to research this before posting. Your previous attempts have been… well… embarrassing, okay?

  14. ^when he learns about the Oxford Comma, I reckon his head will completely fucking asplode.

  15. ^ Strongbad fan?

  16. nope. worth googling?

  17. I’ll save you the trouble: homestarrunner dot com

    Some decently funny stuff.

  18. ^cheers, I will check it out. If it’s shit, I’ll totally judge you.

  19. MsAnneThrope just LOVES sitting on her ass and writing unnecessary comments now, doesn’t she?

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