Monday, November 8, 2010

Too Much. Period.

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  1. Don’t worry guys, no one stress I’m a bleeder, all’s well, life’s good. Glad you know that now aren’t you? Relieved I can tell.

  2. I think we can all agree that everyone breathed a sigh of relief that Tasha’s coochy start bleedin.

  3. Once more, I have a deep, burning urge to show someone the “Send a message” button. Also, who the hell writes something along the lines of “I might be pregnant and if I am it’s yours” via facebook AND ends it in “xoxo”…?!

  4. Thanks Blonde, I was really worried for a while there. Good thing you put this on a public forum also, otherwise how would friends and family find out?

  5. I figured that it was THE best way to break the good news to everyone, especially with so many of you on here having the potential to be the father. See Llamabook, if you send a message how will ALL the potential fathers find out? This way you can be 100% sure not to miss anyone!

  6. That blood is the the baby rippin at your uterine lining trying to not fall out your pisser.

  7. Keep it clean, guys.

    Also, titties.

  8. Anyone who is old enough to menstruate is too old to say “I don’t got”.

  9. And too old to say, “its ok my coochy start bleedin”

  10. And you guys say is no romance in this younger generation?

  11. When I think about you I touch myself.

  12. Hehe, titties.

  13. Classy….just classy.

  14. She should have said ” Society it’s okay, my coochie started bleedin'” Since we all know we are the ones who nearly had the close call in that scenario.

  15. Definitely going to try to work the phrase “IT’S OKAY, MY COOCHY START BLEEDIN'” to some conversation soon.

  16. For the sale of humanity… I’m glad there was blood!

  17. Agree with 14. We, as humans, had just as much to worry about as Patrick.

  18. @Chinchillazilla I would be your best friend for ever if you did.

  19. blonde, I s’pose you’re right… Also, if she hadn’t posted “My coochy start bleedin'” publicly, about 74% of the public would not be able to sleep tonight. On a semi-related note, 86% of all statistics are made up.

  20. 86% You say? Wow. But I just have this feeling that 74% is a proper stat in this. Though, if I’m being honest I feel you may have rounded up. I think it was more like 73.5829%

  21. You caught me. But the 73.5829% was actually in the 14% of stats that are legit… I found it on Wikipedia, and Wikipedia never lies!

  22. Agreed. I’m glad we were able to come to an understanding in a logical, peaceful, mature, and intelligent manner…with of course the help of Wikipedia. THANKS WIKI!

  23. damn you lamebook, I submitted a shitty facebook status about a girl’s period this weekend. You could have tacked it on to this post here but yea you hate me:D

  24. TMI, Lamebook, TMFuckinI.

  25. Llamabook and blondebimbo, you two should co-rule the earth. You would establish world peace, hunger and poverty would be abolished, and there would be buttloads of butterflies, far as the eye could see.

  26. If I had a nickle for every time I heard a young ghetto girl say, “It’s ok, my coochy started bleedin’,” I’d be a rich women. Unless I was at a DSS office, ’cause girls be praying for pregnancies up in there. Just saying, stop buying Escalades.

  27. And bleeding coochies Walter, don’t forget there would be plenty of those too.

  28. If we co-ruled the earth, then all websites but Wikipedia would be deleted, and citations would merely link back to another Wikipedia entry, and it would be an endless loop of TRUTH. I would say Lamebook could stay but it probably got sued. Oh wait-

  29. Llamabook, that will be our first decree “No other websites other than Wikipedia shall be used. Period. The end.” I am so excited for this epic endless loop of truth! There will be so many facts swirling around in the world people won’t know what to do with themselves! This is going to be AMAZING.

  30. Hey, good job, in case some troll comes and trolls about irrelevant comments, you can disprove their claims – you said “Period.”. I can see this partnership will blossom beautifully!

  31. I feel we both understand each other, are on the same page, and have an fantastic mastery of statistics. And don’t forget like two comments ago I also said bleeding coochies. I have this all planed out. No playa hatin’ and trolling can be brought against us!

  32. You really did plan this all out! Now I feel stupid for not taking note of your master plan like two comments ago. I’m not quite sure what I bring to the table here anymore… Excuse me while I have a mid-life-crisis-even-though-I’m-only-17.

  33. No, no. YOU were the one who brought Wikipedia into this. You bring LOADS to the table by that alone.

  34. You bring the butt-fucking butterflies.

  35. Sorry, iPhone autocorrect and my clumsy fingers seem have to made “butt-loads of” into “butt-fucking.” That’s weird.

  36. Walter, you can auto-correct me anytime.

  37. Butt-fucking butterflies XD. That just made my shitty day wonderful. Thank you Walter!

  38. D’aww you guys. Not only do I get capital letters from blondebimbo, I get iPhone typos too to make me feel better? You’re the best.

  39. Ahahahaha, Walter, easily the funniest part of this conversation so far…butt-fucking butterflies. You’re a winner.

  40. Butt-fucking butterflies and mouth-fucking moths.

    Will someone think of the children? I’m looking at you Soup.

  41. Paradrosian, what else do you want from me? I already named my penis The Binky. Sure, it’s kind of emasculating, but the kids seem to love it.

  42. Fucking women and their jam rags.

    Some men are a bit squeamish when it comes to ram raiding a womens’ honey pot during rag week…not me!

    I like to view it as dressing my hymen-hunter in a fancy dress costume, ‘look bitch, its come as little red riding hood!’

  43. Butt-fucking butterflies FTW!

  44. I just can’t win with you daisies.

  45. My dad said you should never trust anything that bleeds for four days and doesn’t die.

  46. vaginalroundhouse

    I like to go with the flow and then we make strawberry shortcake.

  47. Butt-fucking butterflies was the funniest part of this whole conversation-lmao.

  48. @greenstrings, oh no, it’s cool. I tend to bleed for 7. You can trust me!

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