Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Twit Towers

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  1. when they get to college, they’ll learn about being eiffel tower’d

  2. Mission Accomplished

  3. What Sadie’s really upset about is how everyone else put weeks of effort into their costumes, and these 3 clowns spent 5 minutes scribbling on some torn boxes.

  4. wtf is a “fancy dress theme” and who has one with the theme “most inappropriate for teens? Everyone who touches this event should be shot.

  5. Sounds almost like a US sorority thing, but the “OFFENCE” screams UK, or possibly Australia… Canada?

    (Which, By the way, ups the offensiveness of these brats ten-fold. Make no mistake: If some American girls posted to FB a costume depicting paper-doll people drowning in a tsunami, the international outrage would be front-page, Holmes).

    Anyway, “fancy-dress themes” – any Brits want to explain?

  6. If they are aware of how inappropriate it is, why would they post it? Only to mess around? Or to give out a secret message to the public? Oh my Gawd, what if they work for the Illuminati?!


  7. This is disgusting. No matter what the theme is, this is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen.

  8. Do people really need the words ‘fancy dress theme’ explained to them?

  9. I don’t think people would have reacted the way they did, if she hadn’t apologized for it in advance.

  10. And by people I mean nobody… This is a lame post. Sadie “reacted”, and submitted a few seconds after reacting.

  11. Yes, grosjean. We’re asking for context, you
    fucking half-wit.

  12. Well, you dress up in fancy dress costumes, but rather than just dressing up in any old thing, you have a theme you have to fit within.

    As for the ‘context’ for this particular theme, I don’t know why ‘Brits’ would know any more than anyone else why these morons would decide to dress up like this.

    You fucking half-wit.

  13. Grosjean, North Americans don’t use the phrase “fancy dress”.

    It’s the UK term for “costume party”.

    See how easy that was, Grosjean?

  14. If you’re going to go through with this shit AND post it on Facebook (believe it or not kids, you can do things in life and not post them), then sack up and don’t spent the whole post apologizing. You obviously knew this was wrong (hence the post with the pic) but you’re too much of an attention whore to NOT post it. As someone from NY, that’s what offends me more than the costume idea in the first place.

  15. You know what would have been easier, Velvet? Google. or using a micron of critical thought to figure it out for yourself.

  16. like Henry implied I am stunned that someone can make ($)7863 in four weeks on the computer. did you see this site link.. can99.ℂ­om

  17. Well I find the whole concept of that photo just downright disgusting and unacceptable

    I mean, honestly, three teenage girls and not one set of tits to be seen. Whats the fucking point!?

  18. Frankie, when we Google “fancy dress,” we get pictures of brides and women in fancy dresses, and the occasional dude in a tux. Rational thought seemed to be easiest for me, though, even though I had never heard the term used in that way before.

  19. I’m with you guys. I was trying to figure out what makes cardboard boxes “fancy.”

  20. Right. The arrogant UK nitwits (grossjeans, frankenfuck) above just assume everyone in the world uses the same exact expressions as them.

    And even when asked THREE times, can’t manage to give a clear answer. Not you, Velvet, you’re money. Thank you for the response.

  21. beatusmongous: just used US google re fancy dress – all results related to ‘costume party.’ Odd.

  22. brits really call a costume party “fancy dress”

    I always knew they were gay.

  23. it’s only bad because they didn’t put enough time into the costumes. art/craft stores are your friend.

  24. Thanks Fat Tire, but I’m not actually from the UK. 🙂 Just lived there for a few years, and was also confused when I first heard the term “fancy dress” to describe a party someone was throwing (in the winter, not in October).

    Frankenstein seems confused, and appears not to realize that I was explaining the term to others rather than asking what it meant. I can forgive the confusion but not the condescending rudeness.

    C’mon fellas, why can’t we all get along? Don’t let centuries of ill-advised colonialism be in vain!

  25. I would like to know how American’s can be so f*cking ignorant?? Sure you use a different term, but the difference is: Brits (and everyone else) know both their own term AND the american equivalent….whereas americans don’t know anything that exists outside their own perfect continent. And they can’t seem to use their brains to work it out….”fancy dress” is pretty goddamn obvious. Come ON.

  26. Also: if the theme was most inappropriate…..she be winnin’

  27. Awesome costumes and one of the funniest posts on here. Why so many thumbs down though?

  28. machineguncaitie

    So, I don’t find this funny at all. I actually find it offensive. There’s no way this is cute or funny. 9/11 was a horrible day for this country. So many American’s lost their lives, including one of my own family members, so yes I strongly take offense to this.

  29. Interesting, Rubyet, I just Googled “fancy dress,” and my first four results were two stores that sold formal gowns, a uniform shop, and an image gallery for formal gowns and tuxedos. It wasn’t until the 2nd page that I got any costumes.

  30. Wow, souldancer. Dumb as Fucking toast. Let me spell it out for you in simple words that even you can understand:

    The reason you know all of our expressions and we know few of yours is that 90% of your consumed entertainment is imported from the US. And the reason for that is because 90% of your manufactured entertainment is, well, to put it as nicely as possible: amateur-hour. Sure, some of it is good, but we have so much to consume over here we don’t get exposed to all of your 3rd-rate sitcoms to hear non-descriptive terms like “fancy dress.” Which, again, not to beat a dead horse but DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE.

    The word fancy means dressy,formal, high-class. In no way shape or form does “fancy dress” sound like throwing on some shitty, and in this particular case, highly offensive, half-assed costumes. I asked 3 Brits who work in the US what they call a party where people creatively dress in disguise and every single one said “costume party.” When pressed as to why they didn’t use your “totally obvious” term, they said something to the effect of “Oh yeah.. that’s true. I guess costume party just makes more sense.”

    In summary, souldancer, you are an insufferable prick who can’t admit when you are wrong, and while we are by no means a perfect continent (kidding, Canada), you are in fact on an inbred island of arrogant arseholes who need to just get over over the fact that your empire long-ago collapsed, and answer a fucking question when someone asks you it without being a condescending piece of shit.

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