Monday, December 14, 2009

Say It, Don’t Slay It






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  1. first. booyah.

  2. I love Sabrina : wrighting because I’m A author.

    All of the above = Dumb as Rocks…

  3. What the hell do does ‘whacked out the glasses’ mean?

  4. Damnit, a typo in my comment.

  5. I think it means she threw them out, ie. she no longer needs them…?

  6. I think Sabrina meant she’s a ‘wrighter’.

  7. I guess Samantha is more used to having whacked out her melons, than having whacked out her glasses.

    Samantha, Girl in Glasses, Library, Whacking out her Melons… reminds me of a film I saw once.

  8. Typos aren’t so lame. An author who cannot spell write…that’s funny. This is SeeBea.

  9. I kan’t waight to reed Sabrinas book!

  10. Samantha’s glasses are whacked out because they make her feel elegant and make her feel intelligent and she can’t decide. This is SeeBea

  11. @KAOSS LOLOLOL Me two

  12. @ SeeBea : OMG you HAVE to marry me… wanna come over to my place for dinner tonight? 😛

  13. I like how Brian made the effort to capitalize the ‘h’ but still spelled ‘Heroes’ wrong.

  14. She’s whacked out her glasses to wear them. Like when you whack out the summer dresses as soon as the sun threatens to shine. It’s definitely an English thing.

  15. Also, she’s an idiot. Thought I should get that in there.

  16. @Svetlana
    Oh my beating heart (get it?)…wait, didn’t you just break it off with me for Insane? and make me cry?
    I’ll come over but no marks. This is SeeBea

  17. Woo! Finally got something on Lamebook! And I don’t have her added anymore so I don’t feel bad 😀

  18. @Chiiro Damnit is spelled Dammit. Slang can also be tough…

  19. @ Ernie: Oh, I guess that makes sense. I’m used to hearing it as ‘whipped out’.

  20. @pnkntndr Damnit is spelled Damnit, not Dammit.

  21. Maybe a author should become an hero.

  22. I love how Dan tries to correct Williams poor spelling, yet he can’t spell either.

  23. Living with Balls: how can Dan not spell?

  24. Dan can spell. Sounds a bit off, probably with grammar, but not spelling. His spelling is fine.

  25. Living with Balls, ‘spelt’ is a common British English spelling. It’s not wrong.

  26. I was about to say Dan has no problem spelling

  27. i’m frayed too right innything, yous will say its rong…

  28. My favorite one was Brian. He looked at that and was like, “Hmm, something’s off here. OH! I forgot to capitalize it! Done! I am the grammar master!”

  29. i completely agree with you Chinchillazilla!

  30. In after “hurr durr spelt is spelled spelled durf hurf”.

    Yeah, both are correct (though one of them are rarely used in the US), so stop pointing out that “spelt” is wrong.

  31. I wish my papers were eassys.I have to wright one that is 30 pages long; sometimes it’s hard to be intelligant and in colleague.

  32. The Scarlet Pimple

    Man, where do I even start. This is so depressing…especially since all of these kids appear to be in college.

  33. I love Brian…that’s so sad and cute

  34. Someone needs to tell Samantha that the sexy librarian look only works if the women is actually intelligent, unless she’s in a porn flick and doesn’t have any lines.

  35. Grammar Nazis FTW!

  36. @6 Dee-Lite, I’m fairly sure she meant ‘orther’

  37. Maybe Sabrina is conducting a post-modernist experiment in being a fucking idiot.

  38. @ SeeBea – I didn’t break it off with you for Insane, I broke it off cause KennyChen is a Douche. This is Svetlana.

  39. I’m an author. And I’m highly insulted. Real authors do not live in little cute houses. They live in tiny cells on the topmost tower of a guarded castle waiting for their characters to spring them free.

  40. @ Dee – I know. Some of my best work comes when I am depressed. I think it’s true for most artists, be it literary artists, or visual, or performing artists.

  41. @SeeBea: I endorsed your engagement to Svetlana! I even asked if I could be your maid of honour! *Does the happy dance for Svetlana and SeeBea!*

  42. @Dee: I would be more insulted at the fact that a fellow author cannot fucking spell!!! Then again with idiots out there like that, they give you more job opportunities- I hope!

  43. Brian fucking brilliant.

  44. Tim should win an award, and also the ‘wrighter’ but she gets a different kind of award :p

  45. Me fail English? That’s unpossible!

  46. @KT (13) – maybe Brian was just looking at his Greek friend, Heros.

  47. UGH I wish they would stop posting all the ones with spelling mistakes who cares everyone makes them not really funny

  48. @metalcraze
    They’re funny when the person talks about being smart or educated (or “intelligant”).

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